Topless Natalia Shturm has opened the season in Spain

Topless Natalia Shturm has opened the season in SpainNatalia Shturm

51-year-old singer of the hit “high School romance” Natalie Storm – one of the most controversial pop singers. The artist never ceases to amaze the fans with their skin. Recently Natalie once again stripped in a public place. The choice of the singer fell on a Spanish beach.

Instagram Storm appeared provocative footage, which she slightly covers your gorgeous bust. Natalia has published several photos, allowing to evaluate its preparation for beach season.

“Heart is burning from the sun! And for the saints and guardians of someone else’s morals I already have two bra wearing” – said the singer in Instagram.

Topless Natalia Shturm has opened the season in SpainFans of Natalia

Subscribers Natalia came to the delight of her provocative photo shoot and praised her courage. In their opinion, the singer is in fine form. “I love it”, “Your record makes me a storm of emotions,” among them – admiration “,” Excellent “,” lovely frame “, and” Masterpiece “,” might surprise you “,” I like the harmony in the picture “,” breathtaking “, – commented on the Internet.

At the same time, some have compared Natalia Sturm on the other the flamboyant star lady Anastasia Volochkova. Ballerina often shared Instagram photos in which she is depicted half-naked, or demonstrates his famous stretching. The beginning of may Anastasia met in Turkey, what did not fail to tell the fans. The usual began to discuss the footage with Volochkova swimsuit.

Topless Natalia Shturm has opened the season in SpainNatalia Shturm’s not afraid to pose in seductive outfits

It is unknown how Natalie reacted to the comparison with Anastasia. Fans of the Storm are the only ones who are jealous. In an interview with “StarHit” the singer said that he sees in his provocative publications is surprising.

Children Natalia – Arseny and Elena – do not confuse uninhibited photos in the microblogging mother. According to Storm. For example, Arseniy dreams of becoming a businessman, and completely immersed in his studies. The boy does not have the instinct of being in the popular social networks. Natalia Shturm: “the Son is not shy about my scandalous glory”

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