Tina Kandelaki became a “strict” vegetarian

Tina Kandelaki became a "strict" vegetarian

Over the last few years, Tina Kandelaki actively gives himself in perfect shape. The presenter began to play sports, moved to proper nutrition, and now became interested in Ayurveda and became a vegan.

“Strength and energy after Panchakarma has become more clear,” has been told by fans of Tina .– “I’m not campaigning in the world, 30000 diets, Ayurveda is just one of the roads. m 20 years do not eat meat. “Only fish and seafood.” Now without fish for two months and practice only became more powerful! “

Recently, Kandelaki was in an Ayurvedic clinic in Germany, where he received basic knowledge about the doctrine. Experiences she shared with subscribers in a personal blog:

“Never dealt with this medicine.” Here, the whole pulse of the diagnosis, Ayurveda offers his way him 5000 years The Ayurveda in the time of the British colonization were destroyed, the remaining only in villages. was able to preserve the ancient teachings and to turn into a real international movement, called Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. If you remove the 5 senses, then there is no peace, we cease to feel. The main question in Ayurveda: what in us is conscious of the world? Response – consciousness. Different systems give different characteristics. The Indians say: “Space, air, fire, water and earth. Space and air is Vata. They are invisible, but exist everywhere. Pitta – fire. He transformerait. It’s The Sun. Kapha – water and earth. Something that has form. It’s the Moon. “Vata – if the parents just had sex, Pitta and Kapha – if consciously engaged in childbearing. Ideal art classes and yoga, Pitt breakdown, Always achieves the goal, I-pitt., Average, in winter without a hat, but in the mini … Kapha stocky build , slow metabolism, can eat once a day. But, if you teach, there will be no stopping … “

By the way, the new system of food – without meat, and now no fish is likely denies rumors that Kandelaki is pregnant by a young man. Doctors strongly recommend pregnant women not to abandon animal protein for the proper development of the fetus. And even though vegetarians and vegans do not always listen to the advice of physicians, Tina would probably have begun to experiment by getting pregnant at 42 years old.

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