Three people were injured in an accident with six cars in the Pskov region

In the Pskov region on the P-23 St. Petersburg-Nevel collided a wagon and five cars. The accident occurred near the village Rotniy Dvor Strugokrasnensky district, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the region.

A large traffic jam formed on the road. At the traffic light, when the prohibition signal caught fire, the truck drove into the cars ahead, the Pskov news line reported. Three people suffered. Two of them got abrasions and bruises, the driver of the wagon was taken by ambulance.

As it became known on July 22, law enforcement agencies opened a criminal investigation into the death of five people in the accident, including three children. On the evening of July 21, in the area of ​​the 267th km of the Perm-Ekaterinburg highway, a woman driving a Volkswagen Polo tried to overtake the Volvo truck and drove to the oncoming lane, at which point the Lexus car was moving. She tried to return to her lane, but collided with the wagon and crashed into the car.

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