Thing of the day: Loewe’s duck

A leather jacket, like jeans, a trench coat or a sweatshirt, refers to the eternal things that wander from season to season. For a long time having lost its exceptionally biker affiliation, the black coat looks appropriate in any wardrobe, regardless of gender, age and occupation (we would rather be surprised if someone does not have it). However, this versatility is fraught with the risk of merging with the crowd.

To avoid the awkward “double-dressing”, we suggest that you pay attention to this Loewe. Classic cut in combination with artificially aged skin and drawings borrowed from the artist William Morris, will give individuality to your image (even if you wear it with jeans and a white T-shirt). And the real leather will last you for about an eternity, so there is a chance to turn just a scythe into a family heirloom.

Thing of the day: Loewe's duck

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