There is a tribe that does not contact with civilization at all

There is a tribe that does not contact with civilization at all

It turns out that there is a tribe in the world that does not contact with civilization at all. No way. But because he does not.

These people live on the island of North Sentinel (North Sentinel), which belongs to the Andaman archipelago. About them, almost nothing is known – except that they all saw us in the coffin. (And some, who were too intrusive, were sent there).

The island was discovered by Europeans long ago, back in the eighteenth century, and if not colonized, it was only because it had no interest in the sense of gain, and besides everything is surrounded by reefs – neither swim nor stick.

In the nineteenth century, the ships crashed on the rocks several times. The crews tried to land on the shore, but the natives met them with arrows. Someone finished it off.

They are very short, naked, curly people with reddish noses. They talk in a language that is not at all like other Andaman languages, which means that they live in isolation from time immemorial.

Once, in 1897, the police landed on the island, chasing a runaway convict. I found him all with arrows, with a cut throat, and quickly got out.

Now the island belongs formally to India. Several times anthropologists tried to come into contact with the Sentinelites: they brought gifts, showed all kindness.

The natives invariably went into the forest. From outsiders did not want to take anything.

In 1991, an Indian scientist seemed to suddenly find the way to the heart of impregnable Aborigines. The magic key was the multi-colored plastic buckets.

For six years it was possible to maintain a very cautious, very monotonous contact. Sometimes the Sentinelites behaved peacefully-that is, they took buckets. Sometimes they threatened with their spears and showed their asses. But close so never came.

And then communication stopped altogether.

The natives began to shoot at the helicopters from the bows.

In 2006, two fishermen were killed, whose boat was carried by a current to the island.

God knows what the savages have found. Maybe they just decided that they already had enough colored buckets.

Since the times are now politically correct, the islanders were left alone, even for the murders they did not punish. Let them live as they want.

Here they live. We do not even know how many of them.

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