The star of “the Pokrovskie gate” because of the beloved has moved to live in France

The star of "the Pokrovskie gate" because of the beloved has moved to live in FranceValentine Volkova / frame of film

In the ’80s Valentine Volkova completely disappeared from the screens. The actress stopped to be in a movie that provoked a lot of rumors. However, not so long ago she got in touch and told how she now lives.

Valentine Volkova became known after his role in the film by Mikhail Kozakov “Pokrovsk gate”. After the premiere of this picture, in the actress fell in love with almost all the men of the Soviet Union. Belle continued acting in films, and then abruptly disappeared from the screens. After that there were a lot of rumors that she left in the car accident. However, the fans did not believe in the speculation and waiting for news from the actress.

It turned out that at the turn of the 80-ies and 90-ies Valentina fell in love. Her lover was a Frenchman. The star did not hesitate to leave for a lover. She was so happy that I cut all the old ties with friends and acquaintances. Later, and there was accident in Paris, after which there were rumors about the accident. For some reason the passenger of a vehicle was found in the USSR, and consequently has the information about the death of Volkovoy. However, it is not believed, the actor Vladimir Zeldin and the former classmates of the artist.

They wrote a letter to the program “Wait for me”, in which he asked Valentina Dmitrievna to get in touch. The actress saw the transfer and called Zeldin. She told me that she married me a long time and she was doing well. In her confession, in the movie she is no longer removed, but successfully reads the films at the Studio of her husband. In addition, Volkova translate Russian movies. Along with her lover, she once came in his native Samara and visiting the graves of her loved ones, reports EG.ru.

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