The son of Stas Kostyushkin was in mortal danger

The son of Stas Kostyushkin was in mortal danger

Stas Kostyushkin with his sons

Stas Kostyushkin, a former member of the popular duet “Tea together”, is married for the third time to a dancer and TV hostess Julia. The couple brings up two sons – the elder Bogdan has already turned 11, and the younger Miron – just over two years.

Kostyushkin’s wife experienced a real shock, frightened for the life of the child. Myron had an attack of a dangerous disease – a false croup. Usually this phenomenon is accompanied by a strong, suffocating cough and can lead to a swelling of the larynx, which literally “will block oxygen” to the patient. False croup is especially dangerous for children and often manifests itself against the background of colds.

“The worst thing happened: what all mothers are afraid to before the age of five. Myron had a false croup. I was scared more than ever. My son is already fine, so I can talk about it calmly. And I want to speak calmly to warn – the main thing is to have an inhaler in the house! “- said Julia Kostyushkina.

The son of Stas Kostyushkin was in mortal dangerJulia, Stas and Myron Kosciuskin

The frightened mother of 2-year-old Miron Kostyushkina also explained why she did not call for emergency help – the house where the musician’s family lives is outside the city and often the ambulance does not come soon.

Julia Kostyushkina told her subscribers that the very illness of the child was the last straw in a series of troubles that happened to her and the children in a few days, while her husband and father – Stas was not in the country. The musician’s wife and his children survived the flood, switching off the electricity and lack of hot water.

“I’ll tell you what happened five days before our father was home. The first night, as Stasik landed in New York, we happened later. Exactly at 3.30 we woke up from the fact that in all the rooms of the second floor flooded with water. And on the first – from the ceiling, chandeliers, from cabinets – from everywhere dripping. It turned out the usual shower broke … On the second day we were left without electricity, and I also without a cellular connection. On the third – Miron suffered an attack, and on the fourth night we were left without hot water, because the flood damaged the heater … “- said Julia.

The son of Stas Kostyushkin was in mortal danger

Yulia Kostyushkina

Despite all that has happened, Julia is not discouraged and believes that optimism is the main weapon: “I concluded that our housekeeper fled with Stasik to New York. But soon they will return, and everything will be fine! “- said Julia.

Kostyushkin also reacted to the “misfortunes” of the family. He published a photo in Instagram. “Why when you are away from home, everyone gets sick, and everything breaks down? Thank you NY, you’re great, but I really need to go home, “Stas wrote about the shot.

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