The series “Jack Ryan” extended for the second season

The series "Jack Ryan" extended for the second season

On the photo: Shot from the series "Jack Ryan"

Actually, even the first did not come out, and the studio Amazon is so confident in the success of the series that it has already launched the second season, writes Empire.

Recall that after an attempt to turn Tom Clancy’s spy romances about CIA analyst Jack Ryan into a rental franchise turned out to be a failure (the first film with Chris Pyne in the title role did not arouse public interest), the Amazon streaming platform bought out rights on the screen version and launched the series , taking on the main role of John Krasinski.

The other day the studio gave the green light to the second season, although before the premiere of the first several months. Perhaps the decision was influenced by the cash success of the “Quiet Place”, where Krasinski acted as both director and performer of the main role. That is, the name of the actor is now on hearing, which definitely fuels interest in the upcoming “Jack Ryan.”

The second season only knows that the action will be transferred to South America. Showwriters Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland will return to work on the series. Wendell Pearce will return to the role of James Greer, the curator of Jack Ryan, and Abbie Cornish will again appear in the image of his future wife Kathy Muller. Filming will take place in the US, Europe and South America.

The first season should start on the television screens on August 31.

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