The second wife of Mikhail Zadornov was offended by his last will and Testament

The second wife of Mikhail Zadornov was offended by his last will and Testament

Mikhail lived with his first wife, the second, one. Photo: Sergey MINAEV

Mikhail Zadornov died on 10 November 2017. Six months later, and the notary opened two wills that were left by the writer. For Elena, the second wife of the humorist, the last will of her husband. A significant part of his property, Zadornov left his first wife, Velta the my name, which was officially divorced. And the copyright was shared between the two spouses. About what lies behind this decision, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” told a close friend of Mikhail Nikolayevich.

“Senior wife” forgot

Once in an interview with Zadornov was quoted saying – “my eldest wife.” The journalists decided that it was a joke. But later it became clear that he was the “eldest wife” (Velta Zadornov, the daughter of the former Secretary of the Central Committee of the Riga Kalnberzina) and “Junior” (formerly his assistant Elena Bambina, the mother of his only daughter Lena.

Shortly before his death Zadornov officially divorced Welt and married the mother of your child. But the first wife disappeared from his life.

– The last years of his relationship with Welt. No wonder Zadornov pointed out in the will of both wives. All movable and immovable property. Lena (see). But a luxurious library in Riga (Zadornov in an interview admitted that it was spent on her arrangement 350 thousand euros .- Ed.) Bequeathed to one of his friends.

The second wife of Mikhail Zadornov was offended by his last will and TestamentThe first wife of the writer Velta Zadornov has forgiven her husband. Photo: philol.msu.ru

“The widow dissatisfied”

– Velta my name is very considerate and wise woman – continues our interlocutor. – She is originally from Riga, but now lives in Moscow. Zadornov understands that the first wife to manage his artistic legacy. Who knew what was there? Zadornov script to do something. But everyone will have permission to ask permission – Elena Bombini, but the first wife of Welty. So after the death of Mikhail Nikolayevich they will have to contact. Both the couple became the heirs to the bequest. And in the best position of the first wife, she got more. A rare case! Copyright – this is a steady income …

Know the reaction of the two wives to open the probate. Velta was grateful. But Helen – not really … She was planning to get all …

– Was unhappy?

– Yes. But Bombino remains that she, personally, he bought married and designed her. So I was something I bought, built, sold. Quickly, whack-whack … Bombina woman tenacious, energetic. Of course, she wanted to be full of heir to the spiritual heritage of the writer.

– Yes. But when Zadornov in Germany lay Bombina was often away “on business”. Mikhail said it, told my sister. Were a sort of bells. For example, when the question arose about paying a high price, the family gathered for a council. It would be necessary to sell something. Bombina suggested: let’s sell a house in Jurmala! And everyone knows why. The cottage is purchased in marriage to Velta, decorated with her in half. Bombina understands that she is unlikely to qualify for the country. I watched both at the funeral. Velta was heartbroken. And Elena from time to time, fix her hair, she was a matter of what looks like even in a tragic moment …

Lyudmila, two wives, daughter. At all four women were on duty at the bedside. Most of the time he spent in the ward sister and Velta. Daughter Lena then came to Malta, came back. Most often, Velta was sitting at the bedside of Zadornov with his sister. But Bombino had to be together with the Welt next to Mikhail. They are both resigned to this state of affairs.

The second wife of Mikhail Zadornov was offended by his last will and TestamentElena Bombina – the mother of the only daughter of the satirist. Photo: Sergey IVANOV /PhotoXPress

“Before his death, asked forgiveness of Welty”

– Sister Zadornov Lyudmila told me that just before leaving, Mikhail has a lot and realized. Realized how much he hurt really close to him, the first wife Velta. She always behaved impeccably. Before his death. Zadornov I never did … And she was fine.

– He may have all ask forgiveness?

– No. Only of Welty. The other request was not for that. He and his sister said, saying that I am very guilty before the Welt, you do not leave one. Perhaps only at the end of his life, he realized that as the first wife, his no one and did not like … I’ve been watching their relationship for years. Michael paid attention to the beautiful girls, helped them in life and in work … But Velta was a woman his whole life.

– Zadornov did not hide her illegitimate daughter?

– No. When Lena was born, Michael told the Welt. Of course, the news was a wound for her. She cried, but scandals are not repaired. Accepted as a reality. All the same, this strike was not over their break, too, they had a strong emotional connection.

Zadornov was always over the circumstances. He lived in a Moscow apartment with a Welt, then in Latvia with the second family. So was it with everyone and anyone … his Daughter he adored, it’s true. Lena was born in Riga and grew there. Michael many did her. She went to the same school, from which he graduated Zadornov and Velta. He is supported by the life of the daughter and her mother. In addition, he even brought Lena when she was three years old, to the house of his mother and sister. Became a student, she began to demand. They say, now marry the mother. This happened after the media was writing about the illegitimate daughter of the Zadornov. Lena was practically an ultimatum.

The Velta with Michael never had children because of her health problems. In those years, medicine has not yet mastered IVF. And then, when artificial insemination became common, the Welt was not before …

“Had to meet father’s choice”

– Daughter from birth Zadornov dad called?

– Yes, of course. They were very close … Michael daughter accustomed to the sport. She and twine, as a father, knows how to do. And even walked on his hands. Very athletic, flexible, with good extension.

Recently, Zadornov and his widow came to Moscow to join the right of inheritance. But it seemed to me that Lena was somehow indifferent about this. She is busy receiving additional education and are immersed in his personal life. In Malta she has a boyfriend, by the way, she managed to meet his father. Mikhail Nikolaevich to elect the daughter was friendly.

The second wife of Mikhail Zadornov was offended by his last will and TestamentIt was the daughter of Lena insisted that she was divorced with Welt and married her mother. Photo: Sergey IVANOV /PhotoXPress

– It was her husband?

– They have a civil marriage. He is a Maltese. Not a Prince, not a knight, a boy from an ordinary family. I think they studied together with Lena in Malta.


Who got it

The first wife, Velta:

✓ For the Autumn (125 square meters) in Yeltsin’s home – 20 million. *

✓ House in Jurmala (former dacha of the first Secretary of the Central Committee of KP of Latvia Arvid pelshe) – about 15 million rubles.

✓ A Lexus car – about 5 million.

Second wife, Elena Bombina:

✓ Flat on Nikulinskaya street in Moscow – about 10 mln.

✓ Cottage, a land plot in the Moscow region – 40 million rubles.

✓ Apartment in Riga – about 12 million.

Daughter Elena:

✓ Office in Moscow – one bedroom apartment – about 7 million.

✓ Car “Hyundai Lantra” about 800 thousand rubles.

* Prices are approximate.


“Threatened to throw out of the window, if Misha will leave”

– I was familiar with Zadornov, and with both his wives, told a former colleague satirist. The writer lived for many years, because the Welt did not want to let him go. She said if they get divorced, they are the same. Then everything more or less returned to normal. Only in recent years he was officially divorced and Velta did not argue. By the way, I’m quite impressed with the second wife of Michael Lena Bambina his patience. She waited for a little piece of your happiness. They both liked Zadornov in his own way.


In Moscow there will be “library of humor”

– Recently to Moscow from Malta arrived daughter Zadornov. Here from Riga arrived and her mother and sister looked Nice. All relatives, including the Welt and nephew, Alexis, was found, told “KP” a friend of the writer Eugene Shibabuddin. 21 July will be the 70th anniversary of Zadornov. And his family are planning commemorative events. We are trying to create in Moscow the Fund named after Mikhail Zadornov. There will be books about humor written by satirists.

– Yes, we plan to open a special department, which will gather information about the domestic humorists. 225 Oksana Mitrofanova. – In terms of cooperation and it is interesting in Riga. Still in the discussion stage. But personally, I have been our guest two wives Mikhail Nikolayevich was Velta my name is Zadornov, Elena Bombina. They are both the successor copyright. As heard, the agreement on the opening comic of the fund in our library guide concludes with Welt with my name is Zadornova. But I repeat, while about something concrete to speak early.


The private life of Mikhail Zadornov as a 31-year-old beauty has become the latest Muse of the writer

Actress Marina Orlova frankly told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” about her relationship with the famous satirist

According to the friends of Zadornov, the last few years, the satirist was Marina Orlova’s 31-year-old actress. “Young Muse”, as it was called, accompanied by the artist on tour, they had a twin room. The writer did not hide the admiration of his ward. Zadornov told reporters: “not obtuse to meet the actress – a rarity.” Usually they will find a dozen sentences from some of the role and very successfully pretending to be well-read people, although they like a cork. and a hundred ready to be executed on the stage of funny texts! ” (details)

By the WAY

The last video with Zadornov: frames that have become prophetic

Colleagues of the writer “Komsomolskaya Pravda” about his final project

Last working day in the life of Mikhail Zadornov was on the set of the film “Once in America”. It was the first day of the shoot. Mikhail Nikolaevich, according to tradition, broke the plate (the first time it was crashed – not a good sign). And the starred in one of the scenes. (details)


A close friend of Mikhail Zadornov showed a farewell video satirist

A famous poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko to the sounds of your own performance of the “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven reading Mikhail Zadornov. The video for “Go white snegi” filmed Riga satirist Harry Polish, friend and colleague of Mikhail Nikolaevich, who in recent years has led to concerts a regular column “Zdravnevo”. They spent a lot of time together, together, wrote stories, some of them are not yet published. (details)

In Moscow plan to install a memorial plaque satirist Mikhail Zadornov

To perpetuate the memory of the satirist Mikhail Zadornov in Moscow in his honor I want to place a memorial plaque. Talking about place and date of the installation is premature. What you need to install the Board "Komsomolskaya Pravda" explained the Deputy, the Chairman of the Commission of the Moscow City Council on culture and mass communications Evgeny Gerasimov (details)

20 of the most scathing quotes of Mikhail Zadornov

Mikhail Zadornov was a one-man quote. The visitors of his concerts and the audience of the television with his participation each time laughed at how accurately the artist has observed our weaknesses and jiving Americans. “Well, stupid!” – a phrase that will forever be associated with we have a humorist. Remember a little sad, but accurate jokes Mikhail Nikolayevich (details)

Even in a hospital bed in Germany, Mikhail Zadornov did not lose sense of humor

Not so long ago it became known that the satirist Mikhail Zadornov, seriously ill. He became ill at the concert, after which he was forced to go to the doctors (details)


Humorist Nikolay Lukinsky: When Mikhail Zadornov became ill and he stopped the performance, the audience gave him a standing ovation

– I am familiar with Mikhail Zadornov very long time, since the 90-ies. And, of course, always I have admired his talent, and his humor, and his beautiful rooms. And the current sad message is, of course, such a strong blow. Even hard to find the words to express all that is right in your heart, in your head. The Kingdom of Heaven, eternal memory of him! (details)


Mikhail Zadornov: Only our man easier to go to the meeting

The 68-year-old writer continues to fight the disease last year, doctors diagnosed him with cancer. But Mikhail did not give up and publishes his new book “the Big concert”, which included his jokes, aphorisms and stories. The snippets we publish with the permission of the publishing house “tsentrpoligraf” (details)

Mikhail Zadornov, a monument to Arina Rodionovna in the Leningrad region, and to him, even though the disease

Special gratitude he felt for the Alexander Pushkin’s nanny Arina Rodionovna. The satirist believed that she gave the poet a love for the word and was instrumental in the return of the “native Russian tongue”.

– I’m ready to cover Arina whole of Russia, once said Zadornov … and almost did. (details)

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