The Ministry of Culture appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office because of five film companies-debtors

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation requested the Prosecutor General’s Office to check the facts on the case of the return of budget funds allocated for film production and subsequent bringing the responsible persons to justice. The corresponding appeal was signed by the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky 18 April, according to site departments.

The Ministry of Culture appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office because of five film companies-debtors

According to the director of the Department of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture of Russia Olga Lyubimova, The department was instructed to conduct a full audit of the projects of the cinematography organizations that received support in the competition for feature films in recent years. As a result, it was found that “Five film companies that received subsidies did not make films”. “Agreements with these organizations were concluded between 2011 and 2014, and to date they have not returned funds to the federal budget and have not paid fines in accordance with a judicial decision,” – said Lyubimov, stressing that the debtor companies and their founders will no longer be able to use state support and take part in competitions held by the Ministry of Culture.

Figures of the new case may be the film company LLC “Arcade Arcade” (film “Dog Redhead”), LLC “Line Kino” studio Sergey Solovyov“(“Elizabeth and Claudil”), In Motion LLC (“Another side of the moon”), State Unitary Enterprise “Film Studio” Chechenfilm “(“Yearning”) and LLC “MB Cinema” (“Criminal blues for saxophone”).

According to Lyubimova, the Ministry of Culture, the necessary measures were taken to return money to the federal budget, including through the courts. But, despite the existence of court decisions rendered by the arbitral tribunal in favor of the department and executive proceedings instituted in the future, it was not possible to recover debts. Now it is the turn of the Prosecutor General.

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