The main metal albums of September

The main metal albums of SeptemberRelease Type: Album / 535


Stars and crosses (2017)

  1. Intro
  2. Stars and crosses
  3. Born to fly
  4. Queen of Spades
  5. Frozen Rain
  6. White Hell
  7. Higher
  8. Thirst for the impossible
  9. Dark tower
  10. Kosovo Field
  11. Icy rain (instrumental version)

If you claim leadership positions in your genre and release albums every 6 years, you can not make mistakes. You can not load the release with a dozen passing songs and add a tool version of one of the ballads to the end.

With all the amendments to the age, the slow and reluctant development of the genre and, apparently, the group’s reluctance to make new music, the album Stars and Crosses is a big failure. It does not have a vivid conflict, no musical epic. It’s worth paying attention to the title track (although it primarily leaves the text of Pushkina) and the Kosovo box covering the album (although this is not a novelty for a long time, and in the context of the new album it too reminded the Ballad of the ancient Russian warrior from the Aryan Hero of Asphalt).

5/10 Danil Zamaletdinov

The main metal albums of September

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