The husband taught the actress Anna Peskov to shoot

The husband taught the actress Anna Peskov to shoot

Who would have thought, but the fragile and tender actress Anna Peskova is not a woman’s hobby: together with her husband they are practiced periodically in shooting at a shooting ground near Moscow.

“Two years ago I passed a special course on tactical shooting, and when there are days off, I manage to practice my skills,” says Anna Peskova. The actress told me that her husband accustomed her to this sport. “When I was preparing to shoot in the film about the events of the Great Patriotic War” We will not say goodbye “, which is already on sale on June 21, my husband invited me not only to instruct on the set, but to take a shooting training course. And I agreed. Of the 10 hits – 8/9/10 – all mine! But for greater accuracy, constant training is required, but with my schedule, alas, this is impossible. Most recently, my husband specially underwent intensified fire training courses, and I could not join him, at this time was on the set, “- says Anna.

By the way, this is not the only extreme passion Peskova. For example, in the spring, the actress conquered mountain peaks. No foreign ski resorts and could not replace for the actress Krasnaya Polyana. And if for all previous years Anna descended almost from all the routes, this time it climbed to the highest one – the Stone pillar, with the height of 2509 meters. And this despite the fact that she was not lucky with the weather.

“This time we went to Sochi for only 4 days, three of which were planned to be held on the slope. But, unfortunately, we were not at all lucky with the weather, and for two days it was raining heavily. When the sky cleared, it became clear that the tracks are not entirely suitable for skiing, “- says the actress. To take from the last day the maximum, Anna Peskova went to the Stone pillar – a mountain that she knew well enough, but was not yet at its upper points.

“I can not be called an amateur extreme, I’m for everything to be approached in detail. Therefore, seeing the condition of the tracks after a few days of torrential rains, I went to the one that I knew well, – says Peskov. – But, to add a little emotion, rose a little higher than it usually did. And although I spent only half a day on skis, they turned out very rich and bright. “

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