The gloomy Gloukoz was not recognized in the new image

Natalia Ionova / photo: instagram.com

The singer decided to experiment with makeup. The make-up artist made Natalya Inova an unusual make-up. Fans were surprised by the transformation of the celebrity. The artist herself was delighted with the effect.

The 31-year-old singer does not cease to show off her aspen waist, tightened body and luxurious bust. Natalia Ionova often shares pictures, which are imprinted in a bikini or in a dress with an indiscreet neckline. Fans also do not cease to admire the relationship of the artist with her husband Alexander, with whom she has been together for more than 10 years. However, she does not hide that she had problems in her family, but they managed to resolve them.

Now Natalia is engaged in her career, and also working on her body. She visits the gym and is fond of yoga. However, the other day she tried on a black evening dress and decided to experiment with makeup. The make-up artist made the singer so beautiful that her fans did not immediately recognize her. Usually she chooses a natural make-up or a lipstick with bright lipstick, but this time she was given bright reddish shadows on her eyelids, and her lips were painted with a beige tint and penciled them out.

“I’m looking at myself. It’s like buying a new face, “- admired the work of my friend Ionov. Fans, too, were delighted with the transformation of the star. “Very unusual, but very beautiful”, “You look like an aliens! Beautiful and unusual! “,” Beautiful, interesting, spectacularly indisputable! “- commented on the new image of Natalia subscribers. Some noted that they are more accustomed to seeing a singer with a more gentle make-up. Many agreed that the actress was prettier.

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