The first trailer of Sobibor by Konstantin Khabensky was released

On YouTube first trailer of drama unveiled "Sobibor" – History of the resistance of the human spirit to the soulless machine of destruction.

In the autumn of 1943, prisoners of Sobibor concentration camp camps – led by Red Army lieutenant Alexander Pechersky – raise an uprising, the only successful one in the Nazi death camps.

Pechersky played Konstantin Khabensky, he also put the tape.

Cast: Christopher Lambert ("Deadly battle"), Mariya Kozhevnikova ("Battalion"), the Swedish actress Felice Jankell (TV series "Code 100"), the German actor Dirk Martens ("Red bracelets"), Austrian Wolfgang Cerny ("Mission Impossible: Tribe of rogue", Alyosha Popovich from "The Last Knight").

In the movie – from May 3.

Sobibor was created by the Nazis in Poland, near the village of Sobibor. Acted from May 15, 1942 to October 15, 1943. About 250,000 Jews were killed in the concentration camp.

In 1987, under the eponymous book of Richard Raschke, the British director Jack Gold produced a television movie "Escape from Sobibor" (Escape from Sobibor), where Pechersky played Rutger Hauer.

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