The first reaction to the “War of Infinity”: the film is called a masterpiece

The first reaction to the "War of Infinity": the film is called a masterpieceOn the photo: Shot from the film "Avengers: War of Infinity"

In Hollywood the solemn premiere of the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity” was held. The lucky ones, who saw the film as the first, beat in hysterical delight. The picture is called a “masterpiece”, writes Digital Spy.

The world premiere took place yesterday, April 23, in Los Angeles. After the show in social networks, of course, there were first comments. Eyewitnesses with might and main write about “heart failure” and “sagging jaw”.

For example, the post of Kevin Smith: “I’m full of emotions. This is the most epic spectacle of all that I have seen. My legs are still trembling. This is a great masterpiece. So much I want to say, but I will remain silent until Monday, so as not to spoil it. I will only say that it will be a very pre-Christmas year in anticipation of the “Avengers 4”. “

Actor Mike Sorrentino’s post: “” Infinity War “is Marvel’s biggest soap opera. And it’s not bad. It is more like a continuation of the “Guardians of the galaxy.”

And here’s what reviewer Peter Shiretta from Slash Film writes: “The” Infinity War “is all that you want, and nothing that you expect. It’s funny, surprising, gloomy, filled with a delightful interaction between the characters, which was never on the screen before. “

And more examples of several posts:

“This is a sight. Great. Greater than anyone is ready to imagine. And this is an absolute roller coaster. “

“It’s grim. Fun. Heavy. Exciting. “The War of Infinity” is different from anything we’ve seen before. “

“Really funny jokes, real emotions and the absolute winnings from the decade-long plotting and character development, an ingenious action and the ending that left my jaw on the floor.”

“The last minute of the film is a heart failure. I can not wait for the fourth part. Winning again for Marvel “(apparently, it means the competition with DC. – Note. Ed.).

Directors Russo brothers have published on Twitter a request not to disclose details of the plot in the coming months so that all fans could get an equal experience, unspoiled by the spoiler.

“Avengers: The War of Infinity” are released on April 26.

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