The effect of Megan: what do you expect from women

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from women

Chic women from the British Royal family has always had a strong influence on the fashion world. From the stylish Queen Alexandra’s to the arrogant and the Bohemian Princess Margaret (not to mention Princess Diana!) – their image was memorable. And so, with the Meghan Markle, the bride of Prince Harry.

This phenomenon has already been nicknamed "effect Megan". Is the Prince’s bride to appear somewhere, as the toiletries that were on it, immediately become fashionable and with a whistle sold.

For example, when the announcement of the betrothal of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went on a photo shoot, Megan was the white coat the firm Line of the Label. On the same day, the canadian brand collapsed under an avalanche of visitors.

Shortly thereafter, the firm officially named this model coat "Megan".

Website traffic jewelry Birks increased by 400%. And even a simple black cardigan from Marks and Spencer became the best seller among the buyers after Markle appeared in it on one of the social events.

And all this happens long before the world knew what kind of wedding dress was chosen for the Prince’s bride – the question has been feverishly discussed in fashion circles.

Needless to say that the choice.

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from womenThe style of Princess Alexandra tried to copy all the ladies of the court and aristocrat of the time – and they were followed by other women

Of course, the phenomenon of the influence of the women. In front of us "the effect Kate" generated by how worn wife of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge.

And "the effect of Diana" British fashion in the 1980s and 90s.

But what is the less well-known?

In those days, becoming icons of style? How is it all managed?

"The degree of closer attention [to the Royal person] our time is not comparable with the past"said Ellie summers, curator of the exhibition "Women of the Royal family" held in the fashion Museum of the city of bath (in the exposition, an attempt was made to show how different women were in the English Royal family with their outfits formed the tastes of society).

In 1863, Princess Alexandra, who was born in the Danish Royal family, was married to the eldest son of the British Queen. Victoria Prince albert Edward, known in narrow circles as Bertie (the future king Edward VII).

Bertie had a reputation as a womanizer, he was called as’ playboy Prince. But his marriage to Alexandra was a very popular one among the people.

Queen Alexandra (1844-1925) was famous for its chic outfits. Her influence on the fashion of his time can not be overestimated (in the picture of the Queen Alexandra handing a Cup to the athlete at the London Olympics of 1908).

Alexander became a woman from the Royal family, which was the dream of British society.

"Queen Victoria was mourning (after the death of her husband. approx. translator) and was quite far from society, explains summers. – She wore a strict black clothes reminiscent of the uniforms, and did not attend the balls and receptions".

"Edward and Alexandra, by contrast, was a brilliant couple, leading an active social life. They looked much more available. For the Royal family it was useful to restore the lost connection with society".

And so it was that popular Alexander became extremely influential figure in the fashion world.

"She was a real style icon, people were trying to copy what she wore, says summers. – She created her own image, she was deliberately engaged in, and it was formed the same way".

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from women

A glove that Alexandra wore for the coronation, was exhibited in the exhibition in bath

And it’s not that the Princess of Denmark. For example, her future mother-in-law Queen Victoria insisted on the wedding of Alexander wearing lace British and not Belgian, she suggested to the king of Belgium.

"The Queen was firm: she [Alexander] is becoming British, and it is important to stress"- says summers.

The result is the wedding dress Princess Alexandra was lavishly decorated with hand woven lace British – that was a serious statement: for me, my new country is most important.

Dress complements the orange flower, and on top of Alexander threw a voluminous veil. The fabric was decorated with a delicate pattern of rose, clover and Thistle – the traditional symbols of England, Ireland and Scotland.

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from womenPortrait of Queen Alexandra decorates the White room at Buckingham Palace, where Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton held a reception on the occasion of the wedding

In one change in your wedding dress, Alexander, however, managed to insist that the width of the skirt crinolines significantly reduced.

In addition, a few days after the wedding, this dress at her insistence, removed from sight, to completely re-develop to reduce and simplify.

"Alexandra liked simple styles, says summers. She had a practical taste. She belonged to the poor branch of the Danish Royal family, she was not accustomed to live in luxury, and her dowry was modest".

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from womenIt Alexandra, Princess of Denmark, was the beginning of the British tradition of tailoring women’s clothing

Alexander became the first woman in British society, which began to care that she was ready for all occasions.

Cream wool double-breasted jacket from Vernon and elegant vest from Bussbein (on the picture above) – just a couple of examples worn by Princess. To it, according to summers, only men could afford suits for different occasions.

Perfect Princess?

In the twentieth century, women of the British Royal family continued to influence fashion.

Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, was a person rather contradictory-as, indeed, the expectations that are assigned to it. She enjoyed greater freedom of expression and manifestation of his own taste, and as a result of her speech.

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from women

The Queen’s sister Princess Margaret (1930 – 2002) was very influential in the fashion world (picture: Margaret arrived in England from Canada, August 12, 1958)

In his youth, Margaret was the darling of the press because of its glamorous image. The society has closely followed her life, and her many novels had often been in the headlines.

In the postwar years, her reputation as a party girl, her Bohemian life, her escapades aroused the interest of the public. The recent television series "Crown" gave her and her style new fans.

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from womenThe British press and the audience was charmed by the casual elegance of Princess Margaret, which in the series "Crown" played by Vanessa Kirby

Margaret a penchant for glamor was evidently at an early age. She was 17 when (in 1947) she met Christian Dior, who came to London to display his famous revolutionary collection New Look.

Margaret and Queen mother Elizabeth was really interested in seeing the collection, so all the dresses after the show at the Savoy secretly transported to the French Embassy, ​​where the two royals were able without interference to consider them.

Christian Dior later described Margaret as: "a truly magical Princess, refined, graceful, subtle".

And of course, she looked amazing in a delicate silk dress from Dior, which she wore for the races in Ascot in 1952.

In an elegant, up to the elbow, black gloves and a wide-brimmed hat.

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from women

In 1953, Margaret wearing this the theater this striking black and pink lace evening dress by Norman Hartnell

A year later, Margaret appeared at the theater in black and pink lace dress by Norman Hartnell, a few weeks after the press became aware of it once "unacceptable" love.

The dress was shamelessly luxurious and looked like a defiant response to criticism.

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from women

Costumes for the TV series "Crown" were copies of these outfits Princess Margaret

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from womenIn one scene of the series, a classic Princess dress – from tiaras to mechs

Margaret was known as a woman arrogant, but there were situations when she showed herself as a person diplomatically and adequate.

For example, when she wore a red-and-white cotton evening dress, the choice of a fabric was unusual and demonstrative, but it was something that was to be found in the British textile industry in the difficult years of the postwar economy.

From members of the Royal family has always implicitly expected that they will support the British industry.

Every time – for the whole world

What to expect from the women of the British Royal family in the twenty-first century?

"Still, every outfit is thought out carefully, all the factors are balanced, says summers. – I think it’s very similar, only more intensely and directly".

"People have always wanted to wear what you wore to the Royal family, but before everything happened in several stages: for example, the court ladies wanted, they made something similar to the dress Princess Alexandra, then this dress was copied by women from a wider aristocratic circles, and then cut reached the main audience".

The effect of Megan: what do you expect from womenMeghan Markle follows in the footsteps of many other women of the British Royal family – it is destined to become the next style icon

"Now everything is much faster – dress".

"In some ways for women of the Royal family in the XIX – early XX century, life was simpler because the media is not running this place, says summers. – You were dressed for a specific event – the prom or reception. Now you have to re-dress to all over the world".

"But today, the women of the Royal family will not go to the prom. – People always want to see them well dressed. People will be upset and disappointed if I do not see this".

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