The co-author of Rick and Morty

The co-author of Rick and Morty

Dan Harmon, who created together with Justin Royland animated series "Rick and Morty", removed his Twitter account. The decision to leave the site is associated with a 5-minute video, which is Harmon recorded in 2009. In the video there is a scene of rape of children’s doll.

Video – the pilot of the comedy series, made for Channel 101. The project is called "Daryl" was conceived as a parody of "Dexter". Before the beginning Harmon warns that the audience will now see something provocative, after which, the character in the performance of the writer himself is his way into someone else’s house and depicts the rape of a child’s doll lying on the sofa.

The video named during Comic-Con in San Diego, while Harmon and Royland interacted with the fans in the panel of the series "Rick and Morty." The video caused a sharp reaction in social networks, but Harmon did not comment on it, only silently deleted his Twitter account.

Representatives of the writer did not react to the situation.

"Daryl" surfaced a few days after the Disney studio fired James Gunn from the post of director of "The Guardians of Galaxy 3" because of offensive tweets 10 years ago. Harmon and Gunn, like many other representatives of the television and film industry, actively criticized the 45th US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

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