The Cinema Foundation supported the sequel to the comedy “Walk, Vasya!” And the horror of Baba Yaga

In total, the Trustee Board of the Cinema Foundation, chaired by the Presidential Adviser on Culture Vladimir Tolstoy, approved the support of 35 projects, which were presented by studios that are not among the film companies – the leaders of domestic production. All of them will receive subsidies from the federal budget.

In 2018, 20 film projects received state support for film production. Five projects from the list will receive additional support in 2019.

  • “Big Adventure”
  • “Air”
  • “Chill out Vasya! 2 »
  • «Groom 2»
  • “Pilot”
  • “My house”
  • “Passenger”
  • Pinocchio
  • “Dawn”
  • “Ruslan and Ludmila”
  • “Yaga. Nightmare of the Dark Forest »

On conditions of 100% recurrence, the state will help with the production of the films “Galaxy Goalkeeper”, “Groom 2”, “Fixiki. Full meter 2 “,” Snow Queen 4 “and” Dawn “.

Some of the projects, such as “Groom 2”, “Snow Queen 4” and “The Great Journey”, have already received the approval of the Cinema Foundation in 2017.

All projects were previously evaluated by the scenario working group and the expert council of the Cinema Foundation.

The Board of Trustees of the Cinema Foundation includes 16 people, including Konstantin Ernst, Alexei Popogrebsky and Stanislav Govorukhin.

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