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In Germany in the heat help urban squirrels

From the abnormally high temperatures this year in Germany are suffering not only people, but

Hilarious photos of wildlife, who conquered the world

Comedy Wildlife Awards have published the best pictures of their finalists. The contest was established

Referendum: the Russians without a government to decide the fate of pension reform

The Russians will decide the fate of pension reform in the referendum The Communists initiated

Night, the family woke up from their cat’s chorus room. But… they didn’t have cats

It was a late night. The Miller family from Indiana was fast asleep and had

8 reasons why you need to love the cat

Those who have a cat, passionate love of their Pets. This is understandable, because the

In the Egyptian zoo donkeys painted zebras

Visitors to one of the zoos in Cairo noticed an unusual animal, a mixture of

Pets who saved their owners

Of course, our smaller brethren need protection person. However, sometimes they become the guardian angels

People moved and left the dog like garbage. Loyal dog waited for the return of the owners…

Mike Diesel is for rescue dogs. He’s pretty used to seeing animals in poor condition