“Sweet pampushka!” Anastasia Stotskaya showed her one-year-old daughter

"Sweet pampushka!" Anastasia Stotskaya showed her one-year-old daughter

In a couple of days, Anastasia Stotskaya’s daughter will be one year old. This holiday will be held by a star family in Turkey, where they flew away for all the May holidays. The singer rarely indulge fans of fresh photos of his daughter, but could not resist this time. In this picture everything is fine: a child, toys, fashion accessories.

It is clear from all that Vera is a real girl. Her panama is in perfect harmony with diapers, and elegant pink sandals with a crown and heart are worthy of a real princess. And even a gentle-lilac silicone apron for eating does not spoil the picture. Donuts are drawn on it, and the inscription says: “I was born to eat sweets.”

Fans of Stotsky were delighted with the grown-up baby. “Sweet donuts!” – they wrote, apparently, burning with emotion.

Now everyone is doubly eager to see the girl’s face. Previously, Stotskaya said that Vera is very similar to her older brother. But now the fans of Anastasia hope that the singer will necessarily show her daughter after her first birthday.

Interestingly, the 6-year-old son Stotskaya looks very similar to its good friend and mentor once Philip Kirkorov. But Nastya is already tired of explaining to fans that Philip has nothing to do with her son.

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