Star of the series “Smallville’s Secrets” Allison Mack arrested for selling women into slavery

Allison Mack, Known for the role of Chloe Sullivan in the series “Secrets of Smallville”, arrested. The actress is accused of recruiting women for sexual slavery.

Star of the series "Smallville's Secrets" Allison Mack arrested for selling women into slavery

The charges against Ellison are related to the activities of the NXIVM organization. This company, according to the documents, specialized in helping women in their personal growth, but in fact NXIVM is a sect whose members were forced into sexual slavery.

Mack herself was an activist of this organization and the head of a daughter group, in which she urged women to lure new slaves. According to prosecutors, the sect acted according to the pyramid scheme – the slaves should serve not only their masters, but also the masters over them. At the head of this pyramid was 57-year-old Ranier – the only man in the organization, Ellison was his immediate deputy.

Ranier without any embarrassment enjoyed his “service” position – he had 15-20 sexual partners. They were not allowed to discuss their relationship with the leader or have a relationship with anyone else. On all members of the sect, the owners had “compromising evidence”, which served as a guarantee of their loyalty – provocative photos or property rights. Also the slaves were obliged to adhere to a low-calorie diet, they were starved if they did not correspond to the ideal of the master Ranier.

According to investigators, Allison Mack followed these rules. There is information that she even offered to put the slaves branded with the initials of Ranier.

The court ordered that Mack was further kept in custody. In case of her involvement in the activities of this organization, the actress faces up to 15 years of imprisonment.

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