Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Spring 2018

Modern life is almost impossible to imagine without a smartphone. Even those who were skeptical about this type of gadget, preferring to them conventional button phones, eventually realized that having a multifunctional device is not a luxury, but a necessity. Yes, and now you can get a smartphone for a very reasonable money – for schoolchildren, pensioners and undemanding users there is a huge number of budget models with a basic set of necessary options, which you can buy for a modest 3-5 thousand rubles.

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

In 2018, ultra-affordable devices are a bit tight in terms of characteristics, so do not be surprised that gadgets costing less than $ 100 will suddenly find a fingerprint scanner and even a widescreen display with a ratio of 18: 9. Such devices do exist, and you can get acquainted with them in this guide with the most attractive smartphones of the spring of 2018.

Out of competition: Nokia 3310 Dual SIM (2017)

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

No mobile phone will ever be able to replace a smartphone on the Android operating system, even the most affordable one. However, if you categorically refuse to recognize their existence, and a multifunctional means of communication is still necessary, nothing better than the revived Nokia 3310 2017 model year from HMD Global is not found for several reasons.

The first is nostalgia. The new Nokia 3310 differs noticeably from its original due to its more compact dimensions and slightly rejuvenated design, but common features are guessed. Of course, for many this item is not so critical, but the brand phone from a well-known brand with a recognizable appearance is much nicer than an ordinary “nameless Chinese”, sold for similar money. The second reason is a relatively good set of options offered. System Series 30+, on which the new Nokia 3310 is based, far from even the old versions of the mobile OS from Google. However, everything you need on board is available. Music player, Opera Mini internet browser, FM radio, weather viewer, a full set of tools (messages, calculator, voice recorder, converter, etc.), as well as several built-in games (including the legendary “Snake”) in full will satisfy the needs of the average user.

The hardware base is built without frills: a color 2.4-inch display with a resolution of 240 × 320 pixels, a 1200 mAh battery, a simple 2-megapixel camera with flashlight, a microSD memory card slot (up to 32 GB), 16 MB built-in memory, a Bluetooth 3.0 module and a 3.5 mm jack. Supports work with two SIM-cards. Also on the case there is a microUSB-port for synchronization with the PC.

Fly FS528 Memory Plus

As a rule, in the segment of the most affordable devices, almost all manufacturers save on the amount of memory, equipping their devices with 4 or 8 GB drives, as well as 1 GB of RAM. However, there are also pleasant exceptions: for example, the new smartphone FS528 Memory Plus from Fly. The name of the model transmits its main chip – an increased amount of permanent and operational memory (16 and 2 GB, respectively). Do not be embarrassed by such modest figures: for a state employee worth 5,000 rubles, this is a lot. The drive can be expanded to 32 GB using a microSD card, having a very large storage for music, photo and video files.

We note a fairly large and high-quality 5-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels, a good 8-megapixel main camera with autofocus and the ability to shoot videos as 1080p, support for work with 4G networks, as well as a relatively fresh Android 7.0 OS. The battery in the smartphone is removable, at 2100 mAh. Afflicts only not the most current quad-core processor Spreadtrum SC9832, whose power is still enough for all popular applications.

Jinga Start

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Jinga Start – this is a new Android-smartphone from the Chinese company Jinga, most recently appeared on our market and has already attracted attention due to an incredibly low price tag (less than 3,500 rubles) and good technical data. Seeing the cost of the device, you might think that inside it is quite old and unproductive stuffing, but this is not so: Jinga somehow managed to maintain an acceptable balance of price and quality, making the smartphone one of the most profitable offers in the market of budget devices.

Look at the specifications: a 5-inch HD display, a quad-core MediaTek MT6580A chip with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and an 8 GB drive, a 2000 mAh battery, an LTE module, a dual SIM slot and the operating system Android 7.0. The strong side of the device are its cameras, which are represented by 8- and 5-Mp modules. The design of the smartphone also can not be called repulsive: the back panel has a characteristic texture “under the metal”, and the front of the screen covers the glass with a 2.5D-effect.

Wileyfox Spark

The young British company Wileyfox, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, announced its return and readiness to release a new line of devices last month. While it is not clear when we will see the next generation of smartphones Wileyfox, but now on sale it is still possible to find several early devices of the brand at attractive prices, one of which is the Spark model.

Wileyfox Spark looks more expensive than its cost: a matte case with a soft-touch coating is pleasant to the touch and is complemented by a smooth glass on the front side. Bright orange grid conversational dynamics, branded inscription and a metal logo underscore the design of the device. Despite the fact that the device has already turned 18 months old, its iron remains alive. Under the hood, Wilefox Spark has a 5-inch IPS HD display, a 64-bit MediaTek MT6735A processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM (+ a microSD slot), two 8-megapixel cameras with a F2.2 diaphragm and a 2200 mA battery h. The device is based on Android 7.0. To reduce the cost, the manufacturer excluded the charging unit from the delivery set.

Motorola Moto C

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

This smartphone is suitable for those who want to have a device from a well-known brand and do not want to overpay for unnecessary gigahertz, gigabytes and megapixels. With regard to the technical characteristics of Moto C 3G from Lenovo is incredibly simple: inside the plastic case housed a 5-inch TN-display with a resolution of 480 × 854 pixels, a four-core chip MediaTek MT6737M with a clock speed of 1.1 GHz, 1 GB of operational and 8 GB of permanent memory ( with the possibility of expansion), as well as a battery for 2350 mAh, which, if necessary, easily changes to a new one thanks to the removable back cover.

You can take pictures with this smartphone, but only with very good lighting: the main 5-megapixel sensor can not be called a photographer’s dream, but if you try, it’s quite possible to get a couple of good pictures. The rear camera is capable of recording video at 720p, but the front camera with its 2 Mp is only suitable for video calls. Moto C 3G works with third generation networks, so if you need LTE, it’s worth looking towards the older version. It is somewhat more expensive, but, in addition to 4G, is equipped with 16 GB of memory.


Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Known for its notebooks and computer peripherals, Russian company DEXP boasts one of the most tempting smartphones of this top, model G155. In addition to the balanced filling and attractive price, it has unique chips for this class – a fingerprint scanner and a screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 (5.5 “with a resolution of 640 × 1280 pixels).

Hardware platform G155 has enough performance due to the quad-core MT6580A from MediaTek and 1 GB of RAM, which without any problems pull the Android 7.0 OS. To store content there is 16 GB of permanent memory, and if this amount is not enough, you can use an additional memory card (up to 64 GB). Photo capabilities are not disappoint: in daylight the main 8-megapixel camera shows good results in terms of clarity and color reproduction, and the front camera will appeal to lovers of Selfie due to its own LED flash. To the pluses we will attribute a capacious battery to 3000 mAh, but from the shortcomings we will distinguish a branded glossy cover, which is quickly covered with scratches.

Archos Access 55 3G

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Archos belongs to those manufacturers who do not compete with market leaders, but keep behind them, producing inexpensive smartphones of budget and middle class for unpretentious audience. Access 55 3G is just such a smart phone on Android 7.0, which does not have unique parameters and has an entry level stuffing.

Do not expect much from this smartphone: technical equipment here is represented by a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 540 × 960 pixels, made using IPS technology, a four-core chip MediaTek MT6580, 1 GB of RAM, a removable battery for 2300 mAh and 8 GB of constant memory, of which the user is allocated just over 4 GB. Saves the slot for a microSD card that supports drives up to 64 GB. Against the backdrop of such archaic iron bribes an 8-megapixel main camera with the ability to shoot video at 720p.

ZTE Blade A510

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Blade A510 from ZTE is similar in many respects to other smartphones presented in this guide, and its strength is cameras – the main 13-Mp module with autofocus is able to please its relatively high quality of work in the street, and 5-Mp frontalka copes well with self-portraits with sufficient illumination.

At the core of the smartphone is a simple processor MediaTek MT6735P and 1 GB of RAM. For everyday tasks, like YouTube and instant messengers, this is enough, but with heavy games, everything is not so smooth. 8 GB of permanent memory – not the limit of dreams, but saves the presence of a slot for microSD. The display on the smartphone is good – IPS-matrix with a resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels and an optimal diagonal of 5 inches. We also praise the smartphone for support of 4G LTE, which will be useful when working on the Internet through mobile networks.

Alcatel U5 HD 5047D

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Another version of the standard smartphone of the initial price segment, this time from Alcatel. The filling of the device is predictable, so we will quickly go over the main indicators. The case is made of plastic (the back panel is embossed), and fills it with a 5-inch IPS-display with HD-resolution, 1 GB of operative and 8 GB of permanent memory, a battery capacity of 2200 mAh and a MediaTek MT6737 chip with four cores of 1 , 3 GHz each. The Alcatel U5 HD 5047D carries on board 8-megapixel main and 5-megapixel front cameras with LED-flash, LTE-module, as well as a slot for microSD memory card (up to 128 GB). Supports work with two SIM-cards, as the OS uses Android 7.0 with almost a sink shell, supplemented by branded themes and a number of pre-installed programs.

BQ 5522 Next

Smartphones with real frameless displays are still too expensive to manufacture in order to massively move into the initial class, but attempts in this direction have already been made by some Asian companies. These include the Russian-Chinese brand BQ, which presented late-last year ultra-budget smartphone BQ 5522 Next, featuring an extended display format 18: 9.

Of course, it’s not about full-fledged framelessness. Yes, the 5.45-inch display of the device due to its ratio made it possible to make the smartphone more compact, but even compared to similar mid-range devices, the screen frames are quite large. Along with this, a low resolution (480 × 940 points) is cast in the eye, which does not allow to fully appreciate all the charms of such a decision. But it looks like BQ 5522 Next is fresh, and for these costs you can close your eyes to these shortcomings.

The other stuffing completely corresponds to the price tag: the MediaTek MT6580M processor, 1 GB of RAM, 2500 mAh battery, 8 GB storage, a pair of simple 5-megapixel cameras, and a hybrid slot for microSD and SIM cards. There is also a technology for unlocking the face of Face Unlock.

Ark Elf S8

Perhaps, one of the most interesting Android-smartphones in the category to 5000 rubles – Elf S8 from Ark. Attention immediately attracts 5.72-inch display, featuring a large diagonal and a fashion ratio of 18: 9. This is the only smartphone in the guide, endowed with a main camera with two modules (8 megapixel). Next is a fingerprint scanner, located on the back panel, which is also a rarity in this kind of device.

Yes, in this smartphone it can be far from the top-end processor (MediaTek 6580), a small amount of memory (1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM) and not the best screen (resolution below HD – 480 × 960 pixels), but it wins at the expense of effective appearance and low cost.

Beginning of 2018

We are again launching for you a series of guide articles devoted to smartphones of various price categories: from ultra-budget to flagship. The last series came out in early 2017, therefore, it’s time to find out what the newcomers were presented by smartphone developers.

Let’s begin, by tradition, with the most accessible and widespread devices, whose cost does not exceed 5000 rubles.

All smartphones from this guide unites not only an incredibly low price tag and Android OS, but also the most simple stuffing, which can give users only a basic set of functions. Typically, in such devices you can find displays with a diagonal of 4 to 5 inches and a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels (but you can find HD-resolution), weak quad-core processors, no more than 1 GB of RAM, flash drives at 8 GB and unpretentious cameras with sensors at 5.8 and sometimes 13 Mp.

TP-Link Neffos C5L

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

In 2016, the well-known manufacturer of network equipment, TP-Link, introduced several affordable Neffos smartphones, including C5L. C5L – this is the initial model of the manufacturer, built on the basis of the old Snapdragon 210 processor, well-proven in low-level devices. The energy-efficient chip is supplemented with 1 GB of RAM and an 8 GB drive with expandability, a 2000 mAh battery, and LTE support. The device runs on Android 5.1. From the weak points, we can note not the best 4.5-inch TN-screen with low resolution (854 x 480 pixels) and far from the best cameras (8 and 2 Mp respectively). Although, in order to photograph the text or make a quick self, this is quite enough.

Alcatel One Touch Pop 4 5051D

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Alcatel managed to make, perhaps, the most interesting device in the segment “up to 5 thousand”. Smartphone One Touch Pop 4 5051D is not only good in appearance thanks to a thin 8-mm case, but it is also slightly better than its competitors, for which the developers are especially thankful. Yes, the platform is not very top-notch (5 “HD-display, Snapdragon 210 chip, 1 GB of RAM, 8-GB drive and Android 6.0), but if you scroll quickly through the list, you can see that for the same money, some do not offer and this. Plus, u One Touch Pop 4 5051D has a battery for 2500 mAh, allowing it to work without problems in the active mode throughout the day, as well as a good photo component. Behind – the camera is 8 megapixel with autofocus, and in front – 5-megapixel module with a wide angle and its own flash for shooting in poorly lit places.

ASUS Zenfone Go ZB452KG

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Smartphone Zenfone Go ZB452KG from ASUS has long been on sale and during this time managed to collect a rather large army of fans. Buyers are attracted by the nice price, the corporate design of Zen and good for their time characteristics. The device looks much more expensive than its cost; Some touches, such as a button on the back panel and a stylized plastic under the metal, give it elegance. Inside, virtually everything is the same as that of other smartphones of this class: a 4.5-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, a Snapdragon 200 processor, 1 GB of RAM, an 8 GB memory drive with the ability to increase memory, Android 5.1 and weak chambers at 5 and 0.3 Mp.

Digma Vox S506 4G

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Another device in the category of ultra-budget devices from the company Digma, which almost does not differ from its “relatives” – it is not better and not worse than other, similar in price, smartphones. The Vox S506 is a five-inch screen with an IPS matrix that pleases with wide viewing angles, but grieving with a solid “grid” (due to low WVGA resolution), a Spreadtrum SC9831 processor running at 1.3 GHz, 1 gigabyte of RAM, 5 and 2 megapixels, 8 GB for content storage and Android 6.0 as an operating system. Supported and working with LTE-networks. However, for a long surfing on the Internet, 1800 mAh batteries may not be enough.

Fly Cirrus 11 FS517

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

This Android-smartphone is one of the most affordable in the line of Cirrus from the brand Fly and the price / quality ratio stands out well against the background of other representatives of this guide. Judge for yourselves: the device has a five-inch IPS-screen with a high resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, a quad-core Spreadtrum chip with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz (although, in fact, not as fast as it seems), 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of permanent memory, support for two SIM cards and LTE-module. And all this – for a modest five thousand rubles. Add here the basic 8 megapixel camera with autofocus, copes well with its tasks, the ability to change the rear plastic cover (in the kit there is an additional, just in case), as well as a very capacious battery for 2100 mAh and get a good competitor to the same counterparts from Xiaomi .


Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

The junior representative of the budget series of mobile devices from South Korean LG, bribing with a non-trivial appearance, compatibility with LTE and a little less than 5 thousand rubles is an ideal option for a schoolboy or an undemanding person to a smartphone. LG K3 runs on the operating system Android 6.0, which means that you will have access to all the necessary applications, be it navigation, instant messengers or other useful programs. The power of the smartphone (under the case of 1 GB of RAM and quad-core chip MediaTek) is enough for unpretentious games, if you do not chase the graphics. Unfortunately, on a good screen and LG cameras stinted and installed hardware “from the last century”: a 4.5-inch TFT-display with a WVGA-matrix and a pair of cameras at 5 and 0.3 Mp, which is not very pleased with the quality. Nevertheless, there is a “fee for the brand” here, but if you want to get a device from a well-known manufacturer for five thousand rubles, this is one of those smartphones.

Micromax Bolt Juise Q3551

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Micromax feels quite confident in the Russian market due to the right policy: the brand does not try to keep up with well-known companies with their numerous flagships, but concentrates on the production of budget and medium-budget devices. An example is the Bolt series with a number of interesting models at the most affordable prices. One such – Juise Q3551 – a typical Android-smartphone entry-level, but not deprived of its chips. The main hardware here is standard: a 4.5-inch display with WVGA resolution, a Spreadtrum processor (4 cores with a frequency of 1.2 GHz), 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage, 5 and 2 megapixel cameras, a 3G module and double slot for SIM cards. Despite this, the smartphone easily launches all the preinstalled programs in Android 6.0, and also guarantees a long work due to a 3000 mAh battery. A nice bonus is the metal cover behind, which is rare for such devices.

Motorola Moto C 3G

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

If you are looking for your first smartphone, do not want to overpay for it and, at the same time, want a device from a well-known brand, then Motorola Moto C from Lenovo will be an excellent choice. This device is the youngest and available from the entire line, so it’s not worth counting on fabulous characteristics and figures in benchmarks. Moto C is very simple both outside and inside, but is assembled and manufactured in high quality. The body is made of plastic, with a removable battery (2350 mAh), which means that it is always possible to change the battery or socket to new ones. As already mentioned, the filling corresponds to the cost: a 5-inch WVGA display, a MediaTek chip with 4 cores and a 1.3 GHz frequency, a standard set of 1 and 8 GB of memory (RAM and constant), and cameras for 5 and 2 Mp. Inside – a clean version of Android 7.0 without any shells, which is not found in every device class above, but here – just a budget.

Samsung Galaxy J1 mini (2016) J105

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

South Korean company Samsung produces not only excellent flagship smartphones, but also budget devices for a wide range of users. The Galaxy J1 mini of the 2016 model year is at the very bottom of the popular line and can not boast of key features of older models. His destiny – it’s calls, Internet surfing and browsing YouTube, with which he copes with cheers. Due to the display of a small diagonal (4 inches with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels), the body of the device turned out to be very compact, which made it convenient for daily use. The operating system Android 5.1 (with the TouchWiz shell) provides a 4-core processor Spreadtrum R3533S with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, supplemented with 768 MB of RAM and a battery for 1500 mAh. In terms of photos from the Galaxy J1 mini is not very clear – the 5-megapixel main camera is only suitable for shooting in good weather conditions and recording video in 720p-quality.

ZTE Blade A515 LTE

Smartphones up to 5000 rubles in 2018

Modest characteristics of this smartphone is clearly not enough to fully reveal all the features of the Android operating system (the device is version 5.1), but for a comfortable work with the browser and social networks, its fillings will suffice with a margin. Nothing special inside the case (by the way, plastic) you will not find – a simple quad-core processor MediaTek MT6735P, 1 GB of RAM, LTE-module, battery for 2200 mAh and 8 GB of permanent memory. The screen and the main camera look pretty good: a five-inch display, made using IPS technology and having a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a rear camera, armed with a 13-megapixel module with the ability to shoot video at 720p. Lovers of selfie also lucky – frontalka here 5-megapixel.

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