Shooting “Elusive Avengers”

The first filming days ..

On May 6 at 9.00 am the shooting began in the scenery of “Daria’s hut”. Daria (N. Fedosova) – this is the same farmer, in which “Burnashi” stole a cow. The shooting continued until 17.30, 30 useful film meters were shot, but none of them entered the final version of the film.

May 7 shooting in the scenery of “hut Darya” continued (in the film episodes are not included).

May 10 – they shot an episode on the bell tower: the Avengers gathered for a meeting after Danka visited the rector of the church of Mokei’s father and learned that Ksanku “Burnash” was kept in a tavern.

This time the pavilion shootings were stopped and resumed only two weeks later – on May 23rd. They shot episodes in the “bathhouse”: the prisoner Danka is locked in a bathhouse; Yashka puts a knife through the pipe on the rope; the guard detects the prisoner’s escape and raises a cry: “Unclean!” – shouted the young “Burnash” (Saveliy Kramarov), “Escape!” – Ignat (Gennady Yukhtin) echoes him and the old “Burnash” (S. Zhevago). On the same day, the administrator of the group left for Ukraine, the district of Novaya Kahovka and Berislavl, in order to prepare a springboard for the arrival of the entire crew.

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