Seven families evicted from an emergency hostel FEFU

Seven families evicted from an emergency hostel FEFU

Part of the end wall of the hostel of the FEFU collapsed 12 years ago. But people continued to live in the building. In some apartments, even installed plastic windows. At the moment, seven families from this hostel who do not study and do not work in FEFU are going to be evicted.

The building began to crumble from the beginning of the 2000s. In 2006, the corner of the hostel collapsed. The prosecutor’s office carried out a check and started a criminal case against the building’s people.

The hostel continued to collapse. The walls are covered with cracks, the brickwork collapses, the window frames rot, and the glasses crack. And from some windows even trees growing in the rooms stick out. Over time, many moved from the hostel, but at least six rooms on the third and second floors of the building continued to live families.

It is known that the FENU filed a lawsuit with a demand to evict people from the hostel. Part of the requirements have already satisfied. Also, the university noted that the building was recognized as an emergency after the appeal of one of the residents about the collapse in May 2015. They decided to transfer the dormitory to the state treasury of the Russian Federation, but the procedure has not been completed yet. The final decision on this issue should be made by the FEFU founder.

Seven families evicted from an emergency hostel FEFU

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