Sergei Shnurov pierced his ear

“Uncle Sergei is classy,” “The next step, circumcision?”, “Serega with an earring”, “What a charismatic you are! Fire “- noted the fans Shnurova.

Recently, the country’s main rock-n-roller celebrated its 45th anniversary. To congratulate the birthday with a round date, “StarHit” went with him to the city of Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region. In an interview, the musician frankly told me what he thought about modern men. Sergey Shnurov: “There is sex that you do not even remember!”

“Men have become too narcissistic, they enjoy themselves. No space left for experiments! I remember that in 1998 I had a feeling that I could do anything. It is now necessary to limit ourselves in many respects due to age-related causes and obsessive, close attention, which is due to social networks. Then I was not burdened by it. So, going back to the topic of men. Narcissism grows stronger, and the idea that a woman is better not to listen, because she is the owner of an antilogy, remains. Bredni, in my opinion! It should be listened to and just draw conclusions. Ladies can draw a lot of constructive. Their logical apparatus is completely different. Their intuition is a great thing! Men in this regard are simpler than monkeys: they are from the family of monkeys “ordinary”, “fighters”. Even in those days, when we had tails, there were more functions and responsibilities on the young ladies, “the singer admitted.

Sergei Shnurov pierced his ear

The musician regularly shares with the fans bright shots in Instagram

Also Shnurov told that he takes everything from life and enjoys every moment of it. Therefore, experiments with appearance and music for him – a common thing.

“Each of our seconds is unique. This almost no one understands. Everyone is trying to reach a certain age, reach a certain point. One can never say: “Now I have taken place …” You took place when you were born. My basic rule, which helped to become what I am, is not to hold onto old beliefs. They are just the brake that prevents a new world from taking over. You need to learn from your side on your beliefs. “

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