Scientists of the Russian space-rocket center have created a new way to deliver nanosatellites into orbit

Russian scientists from the Progress missile and space center have developed a new way of delivering nanosatellites to Earth’s orbit. This was reported by the head of the center Dmitry Baranov.

As reported, the developed devices, when launching larger objects into space, they will be a kind of passing load in the transitional glacier of Soyuz-2.

As Baranov explained, at present, when launching rockets, special frames are used to move nanosatellites, which are attached to the accelerating unit and to the base of the space rocket.

The head of the center also said that the possibility of placing a passing load in the transitional compartment of the launch vehicle in the Progress RCC allows Russia to interact with potential potential customers.

However, as experts note, it is currently unclear how many nanosatellites can be placed using a new method.

The researchers explained what a night fan can be dangerous for.

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