Roman Borisov: “The most important thing is the interpretation”

Roman Borisov: "The most important thing is the interpretation"Roman Borisov

Fifteen-year-old Roman Borisov, originally from Novosibirsk, has been playing music professionally since he was eight.

He is a laureate of many major domestic and international piano competitions, and this year he participates in the Grand Piano Competition.

We talked with Roman about his musical preferences, dreams and plans for the future, as well as feelings and thoughts about the contest.

– You were at such a prestigious competition as the Grand Piano Competition. Why did you decide to participate in it? What influenced your decision? Any personal dreams, desires, perhaps, people?

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Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

– First, I must say that the Grand Piano Competition performances are held in the best halls of Moscow – in the Rachmaninov and the Great Halls of the Conservatory, in the Concert Hall of Tchaikovsky. It is very pleasant to perform at such venues with the magnificent State Scribe named after Svetlanov under Alexander Sladkovsky. In addition, the contest participants have great prospects – then there will be organized more concerts.

What influenced my decision? Well, I think, my personal desire …

– And how did you choose the program for your performance? Were there any criteria for selecting works?

– There are certain regulations at the competition, certain conditions that must be observed, for example, the time frame in which the works were written. We listened and chose the program, starting from this regulation.

– Do you play all the pieces that you perform at the Grand Piano Competition for the first time? Or did you have to play with them before that?

– Of course, I spoke with them in other places, but not on such big scenes. Only at local concerts.

– The program you chose includes works of different eras and styles. What music is closest to you?

– Of the composers I’m closest to, probably Rachmaninoff and Brahms. I used to like Beethoven very much. I love him now, but not as before.

– Do you like baroque composers?

– Honestly, not very much. For now, at least.

– And what kind of works do you dream of performing?

– Most of all I want to play two pianist concerts of Brahms. The first part of the first concert I will perform in the Grand Piano finale Competition. I dream to fulfill the second one. In addition, I really want to play four concerts of Rachmaninov, his Rhapsody on the theme of Paganini. More sonatas by Beethoven, the same Rachmaninov and Brahms …

In fact, all and not to list. The pianists have a huge repertoire, there are plenty to choose from.

– When you perform a work, do you concentrate primarily on technique or is it more important for you to put your soul into your game, to make a vivid interpretation?

– The most important is the interpretation. Technique certainly plays a big role, but expressiveness is even more important. It’s my opinion.

– Last question. What are your expectations for the Grand Piano Competition, thoughts on it?

– I expect, first of all, my concerts, which, I hope, will be after the contest. I’m still looking forward to playing the first part of the Brahms concert with the magnificent – I repeat – the orchestra and the conductor … And, of course, I hope to win.

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.
Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

– We wish you all the best and, in particular, the victory in the contest! And in the future – great creative successes and achievements!

– Thank you so much!


Roman Borisov was born in 2002, from 2010 – a student at the College of the Novosibirsk Conservatory (class Mary Lebenzon).

He played in the Great Hall of the Novosibirsk Conservatory, Chamber Hall of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Concert Hall named Katz, Svetlanov Hall of Moscow International House, Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic, Concert Hall of the Yaroslavl Philharmonic, the Central Concert Hall “Kazakhstan” (Astana) with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, the Novosibirsk Academic Symphony orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Astana.

Laureate of more than a dozen of Russian and international competitions, including the First Moscow International Pianists Contest Vladimir Krainev.

Participated in the XV International Festival ArsLonga, XXII Festival Piano en Valois (France), V Transsiberian Art Festival (Novosibirsk). Repeated participant of musical projects of the Vladimir Spivakov Foundation. Scholarship of the Governor of the Novosibirsk region.

He was rewarded with Denis Matsuev’s nominal incentive scholarship.

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Interviewed by Severyan Tsagareishvili

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