PriestMartyr Antipas of Pergamon. Orthodox Calendar for April 24

PriestMartyr Antipas of Pergamon. Orthodox Calendar for April 24

The main church holidays, the days of memory of saints and Orthodox shrines of today

April 24 (11 April to "the old style" – the church Julian calendar). Tuesday the 3rd (the Myrrh-Bearers) on Easter Sunday (the second week after the Bright Resurrection of Christ). There is no post. Today commemorates nine well-known Christian saints. We will briefly describe them.

The PriestMartyr Antipas, Bishop of Pergamum of Asia. One of the first archpastors of the Church of Christ, who lived in I (apostolic) century. A disciple of the Apostle John the Theologian, St. Antipas performed his holy service and received a martyr’s crown at the time of anti-Christian persecution of the infamous emperor-pagan Nero, who reigned in the Roman Empire in 54-68 years from the Nativity of Christ. The saint is mentioned by his teacher in the Apocalypse – Revelation of John the Theologian:

And write to the Angel of the Church of Pergamon: this is what the sword has on both sides: I know your works, and that you live where the throne of Satan is, and that you keep My Name, and did not deny My faith even in the days that you have , where Satan dwells, the faithful witness of My Antipas".

From the Life of St. Antipas, the circumstances of his courageous demise are known, after the Gentiles became aware that it was he who persuaded many people not to sacrifice to idols. Here, as described in the hagiographic texts:

The pagan priests reproached the bishop for turning the people away from worshiping the native gods, and demanding that they stop preaching about Christ and sacrificing idols. Saint Antipas calmly replied that he would not serve the demon gods who fled from him, the mortal man, that he worships and will worship the Lord Almighty, who created everything, and His Only Begotten and Consubstantial Son and Holy Spirit. The priests objected that their gods existed long ago, and Christ appeared recently and was crucified under Pilate as a villain. The saint replied that the pagan gods were created by the hands of people, and all the legends about them are full of lawlessness and vices …"

After this, Saint Antipas was thrown into the red-hot brass ox, intended for sacrifice to idols, right in the temple of Artemis. But instead of terrible tortures the saint quietly prayed and went to the Lord, as if he had fallen asleep. This happened about 68 years old from the Nativity of Christ.

Martyrs of Procession and Martinian Roman. As well as Holy Martyr Antipas of Pergamon, These holy sufferers took martyrdom under the emperor Nero (in 67th year from the Nativity of Christ). Both were guards in the prison, where he was held the first-ever apostle Peter, from which they accepted the Christian faith and Holy Baptism.

The Monk Farmumius of Egypt. About this holy IV centuries we know little, including the fact that he performed monastic spiritual deeds in the same desert, where he fought in a student (well) the Monk John the Hermit, who helped him, feeding him, Saint Pharmufy.

The Monk John of Thessalonica (Thessalonica). St IX centuries, apprentice the Monk Gregory Decapolitus. Like the teacher, he zealously defended Holy Orthodoxy from the attacks of heretical iconoclasts.

The Monks Jacob Zheleznoborovsky (1442) and Jacob Bryleevsky, his companion (XV). Russian Saints XV centuries, spiritually ascending to the Monk Sergei of Radonezh and his great monastic traditions. They performed spiritual feats in the Kostroma Galich land.

Sainted Varsonofy, Bishop of Tver, Kazan Wonderworker. Russian saint XVI centuries, companion St Gurius of Kazan, known enlightener, in 1567 from the Nativity of Christ ordained to the bishop of Tver. Nine years later, St. Varsonofy departed to the Lord in the Kazan Monastery of the Transfiguration he founded.

PriestMartyr Antipas of Pergamon. Orthodox Calendar for April 24

Sainted Varsonofy, Bishop of Tver, Kazan Wonderworker

The PriestMartyr Nikolai Gavrin, the presbyter. The Orthodox clergyman suffered for his faithfulness to Christ in the period of Soviet Godless persecution. Took the martyr’s crown at the time of the so-called "Great Terror" in the bloody 1938. Glorified in the face of saints in the many thousands of new martyrs and confessors of the Russian Church.

Congratulations to Orthodox Christians with the memory of all today’s saints! By their prayers, Lord, save and have mercy on us all! Those who, in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism or monastic vows were given names in their honor, are happy to congratulate them on the name day! As they said in old times: "Angels to the Guardians are a crown of wickedness, and to you – good health!" Our same deceased relatives and friends – an eternal memory!

Christ is Risen!

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