Premiere of the trailer: “Aquamen”

Premiere of the trailer: "Aquamen"On the photo: Screenshot from the movie trailer "Aquaman"

At the convention Comic-Con in San Diego studio DC and Warner presented the first official trailer for the film adaptation of the comic strip "Aquamen".

We already saw Arthur Curry (Aquamen) in the League of Justice, and he certainly was her adornment. And now let’s look at the solo album of the ruler of the seas and oceans, who joined the team of superheroes.

In the trailer, we see Arthur small. We are told the story of his origin: his father was the usual caretaker of the lighthouse, and his mother (Nicole Kidman) – the queen of Atlantis, the underwater kingdom. Arthur became the son of both worlds: terrestrial and underwater. And now the time has come when he must take the throne. But the throne is also claimed by the half-brother of Arthur (Patrick Wilson), so that struggle can not be avoided. In addition, in the brother’s treacherous plans – to enslave the world of people.

Also in the video there is a lot of red-haired Ember Hurd, the beloved of Aquamen, who is similar to Disney’s mermaid Ariel.

The Ukrainian release is scheduled for December 20.

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