PhotoDepartament takes part in

PhotoDepartament takes part in

PhotoDepartament takes part in GROUND zin fest 2018

A place: Gallery-workshop GRAUND Sand

Moscow, Novopeschanaya, 23, building 7

Admission ticket to the fair (the ticket is purchased in each gallery):

150 rubles. (full)

75 rubles. (preferential)

PhotoDepartament participates in the Groan Zin fest 2, which will be held in Moscow on April 27, 28 and 29, at two galleries of the Ground.

GROUND zin fest – a large-scale event dedicated to small publishing projects and music labels. Within the framework of the festival, young artists, photographers, designers, writers and musicians will once again show all the trends of modern ideas embodied in the zines, magazines, books of the artist, and other experimental forms.

PhotoDepartament is engaged in projects that help to look, understand, explore and make a modern photo in the field of art and media. It is interesting for us to consider photography not only as an image, but also as a bearer of meanings about the world today and in the future.

We make printed, exhibition and online projects, the purpose of which is to find out how the image can tell us more than it shows. On GROUND zin fest we will show our last project – collection “Amplitude # 1”, who was in the finals of the book competition Aperture PhotoBook Award. And also bring self-publish books and prints of leading Russian photographers and artists – Yulia Borissova, Irina Popova, Yuri Gudkov, Irina Zadorozhnaya, Yana Romanova, Alexander Verevkin, Max Sher, Julia Spiridonova and others.

We believe that the image is also an occasion for conversation, which helps to make the process of their creation conscious.

April 28, Saturday, from 1 pm to 2 pm artists Alexander Verevkin, Yuri Gudkov and Yevgeny Molodtsov, and curator Nadia Sheremetova will give a discussion on the topic “When does the book make sense?”, where they will weigh all the pros and cons of a photobook from the point of view of the buyer of photobooks, and what is important is the artist who is already publishing and still planning to publish his own author’s book.

And on April 29 the team from the PhotoDepartment will take part in the discussion “The book of the artist in the digital age”, which is organized by the festival.

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