Performer of the role of John Snow complained of endless harassment

31-year-old English theater, movie and TV actor Keith Harington – King of the North John Snow from "The game of thrones", spoke in the sense that sex terror in the entertainment industry, to which he has the most direct and important attitude, is an institution that is permanent.

The words "The King" leads The Sydney Morning Herald.

As Harington’s polishinite, harassment in this business is generally everywhere. And he, of course, is very upset and worried about all the information that emerged over the past six months, but not surprised at all. Because, like practically everything in the industry, the situation is well-informed. "Most actors always knew about the problem, because people in the industry all the time hear some stories about it", – says Keith.

But the problem was kept secret, because "people were difficult to take and openly tell about it", – the brave "Snow".

Adding that the scandal that rose, primarily in the US, auknulsya and in Britain. After all, Kevin Spacey – recalled the actor – for many years was the artistic director of the oldest theater in London "Old Vic". Where, as it turned out, in general, the devil did the worst.

And not only in Spacey business: "In the British theater for many years there is such a problem. This is what happens all the time, and not just in the States. It’s everywhere", – the artist sorrow.

Recall. Previously "John" already complained of sexism in the industry.

Meanwhile, the date of the premiere of the eighth, the final GOT season is still not named.

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