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    Tofalaria – the boundless taiga of the Eastern Sayan

    Lost land, a village of hunters and storytellers. Places where rivers and winds of Siberia are born, mountains where the weather is created. This Sayan taiga is inhabited by Tofalars – a small people of Turkic origin. Now there are less than eight hundred people. Our Ethnographic Expedition "Unexplored Russia" went to the small people living in the hard-to-reach places. One of these places was Tofalaria. We were lucky to live in the only small hotel in the village, but in the family of a hunter. Daily stories about the taiga, walks through the wild forest, the meat of the red deer, bathing in rivers, and a real taiga bath…

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    Maria Maksakova, Irina Krug and other famous widows: what they live today

    These women have different fates, but similar tragedies. Their husbands were the victims of high-profile murders, which are still being discussed. July 24, the opera singer, Maria Maksakova turns 41 years old. Her fourth decade, the former soloist of the Mariinsky Theater "changed" with a heavy heart: in the spring of 2017 in the center of Kiev her husband, ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov was shot. Maksakova’s husband was not a "star", but his murder caused almost the same resonance as at one time the murders of singers Mikhail Krug and Igor Talkov, as well as TV host Vlad Listyev. About how the life of widows has developed, – in…

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    Top 5 cartoons, the heroes of which are not ashamed to set as an example to children

    Cartoons are one of the things most adored by children. But what do they teach the younger generation? Which example? Contrary to the beliefs of those who want to protect the child from television before the wedding, many animated films and TV shows bring to their viewers really important ideas. Parents can only choose good and useful works of multipliers. We come to the rescue and talk about the cool animation characters from the eternal classics and cartoons, which will teach the most important. Unicikti and Pappicorn Photo: frame from the cartoon Animation star this summer – Princess Unicotti. This is extremely (sometimes even too much). Cheerful cat rules its…

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    Katya Gordon called Zemfira the grandmother of Russian pop rock

    Katya Gordon Photo: Social networks Katya Gordon stood up for the actress Grechka and Lisa Monetochka, whom Zemfira criticized so that now fans of rock wait for a sinking heart for Ramazanova’s response. In a personal microblog, the journalist published a message to the subscriber, where she called Zemfira "the grandmother of Russian rock". And it was one of the softest epithets that Gordon christened the icon of Russian pop rock. "I will express an opinion," for I’m ashamed … For sheriff who picked up servile, on the machine, a snobbish abomination, pronounced "authority," says Gordon. – Zemfira with bodun, probably in the anger of an aging woman, in the…

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    “I bought myself a plane”: Tarasov teases hayters

    The former husband of Olga Buzovoy was tired of the attacks of ill-wishers. Recently, the midfielder of the "Locomotive" business is excellent. Favorite wife, model Anastasia Kostenko gave him a daughter, and the "railwaymen" extended the contract with the player for another season. But not everyone is happy for the athlete. In the media, the theme of Tarasov’s allegedly distressing situation is being discussed: he has to sell the apartment in Buzovoy, and he has already laid down his car. Do not stay away and subscribers. Most "trolls" run into the microblogging of Tarasov. Tired of dirty rumors and jeers, Dmitry Tarasov decided to respond to enemies with oncoming trolling.…

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    Pregnant Kudryavtseva injured head

    The TV host several weeks ago began to complain of a strong migraine. The journalists found out that the headaches could be trauma, which Lera Kudryavtseva received several years ago. 47-year-old Lera Kudryavtseva has been married to hockey player Igor Makarov for five years already. For her young lover she has long wanted to give a child. At the TV presenter there is an adult son Jean from the musician from group "Tender May" Sergey Lenyuk. In the spring, the fans noticed changes in the figure of the star, and later their guesses were confirmed. However, pregnancy does not go very smoothly. A few weeks ago, Lera complained of severe…

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    “I’m roaring”: the web has a new cool meme

    Girls talk about "not those" guys. Girls talk about "not those" guys. July 22 girl with the nickname "Princess of the cabbage" told on Twitter about a young man who, after her tweet about the illness, brought her food and medicine. But there was a misfortune – this guy was completely "not the same", from which the girl would have dreamed of receiving a gift. Some of the users of the Network shared the frustration of the girl: "not those" guys who bring gifts, it turned out to be a lot. And some criticized her for the fact that she took the gift, but the man did not like it…

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    Alexey Nemov showing his youngest son unique retro cars

    Evelina Khromchenko The day before, on July 21, in the very center of the capital was held the annual GUM-Autoralli – competition among classic cars, which is supported by Bosco di Ciliegi. For the fifth time near the Red Square there was a "parade", where you could see the unique retro cars. This year, 126 crews took part in the competition, which is supported by the Automotive Historical Society of Gorkyclassic, the oldest watch manufacture Jaguar Land Rover. Over the oldest models of GAZ, ZIS, ZIL, Moskvich and Zaporozhets set off from Red Square for the hundred miles in the most significant historical places of the capital. Nikolai Fomenko The…

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    The best songs of the week (12.02 – 18.02)

    Infectious new track Thought Contagion from Muse, released simultaneously with a clip in the style of cyber punk or zombie horror of the future. In the continuation of the theme of the afterlife – Escape The Fate with the composition of Digging My Own Grave from the sixth studio album I Am Human. With a similar name I Am An Outsider the second single Days Grace. Mumiy Troll and Bi-2. All this and much more in our selection especially for you.