On the family of Dmitry Malikov attacked hackers

On the family of Dmitry Malikov attacked hackers

Being a popular person is not as easy as it seems to many. Dmitry Malikov, who recently tries to become a blogger, realized that there are many dangers on the Web. In particular, from the side of hackers. Apparently, because of the burst of interest in the family of the musician after the birth of Mark’s son Dmitry, his wife Elena and daughter Stefania became a “tidbit” for Internet scammers.

“Hacking broke into our family! – the singer has told. – In particular, my daughter Stephanie does not have a page in Instagram for several days. We are working on the restoration and hope that everything will return! Stay tuned and be careful! “

As you know, the stars of show business and other celebrities are always a very active and very active audience. This attracts all kinds of scammers, who earn good money, having acquired a star account at their disposal.

With the similar recently collided and Vladimir Mashkov. Someone Raphael, calling himself PR director of the actor and director, sent out on his personal contacts a request to recommend an account in Instagram. In this regard, Mashkov even asked his daughter Maria to record a video exposing the scammers.

“Dear people! – the actress asked. – My name is Masha Mashkova, I have a father Vova, in the world known as an artist Vladimir Mashkov. I record this video at his request. Comrades, especially colleagues who, including their personal numbers, receive requests to advertise their father’s account. Until the requests to transfer money began – for good, of course, purpose – I hasten to warn you: my father Vova is not registered in any social network. And I, too, is not registered. Also he does not have any agent named Raphael and there is no one at all, well, except me. Be careful, love each other and call your parents if you have the opportunity. “

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