On Kristina Orbakaite, Web users

On Kristina Orbakaite, Web usersPhoto: @orbakaite_k (Instagram of Christina Orbakaite)

Kristina Orbakaite faced the aggression of subscribers in the social network. The reason for the stormy criticism of the singer in the virtual world was a new publication in her microblog. In the photo, the singer poses in a luxurious atmosphere of a private plane that made the Moscow-Saint-Petersburg flight. "Without interrupting rehearsals in Sovremennik, I’m flying to the White Nights festival," Orbakaite said in her signature.

Many readers of the blog of Christina noticed that it is possible to quickly get to the Northern capital of Moscow in a more budgetary way – the same fast train. Orbakayte was ashamed of "boasting" and "posturing." "A private plane? Before Peter? "," How stupid … from Christina did not expect "," Shikuet and litter money, and hard workers barely make ends meet, "" Why anger the users? What, does the train no longer go to St. Petersburg? Petersburg? "- criticize Orbakayte on the Net.

At the same time, Christina found defenders, because the spectators themselves will not like it if the artist comes out on the stage tired and "crumpled" after moving. Orbakayte ignores the unleashed "war" of subscribers in the comments to the photo. By the way, in the near future the singer plans to reduce the number of concerts in order to focus on the preparation for the play "Two on the swing." In May this year it became known that Galina Volchek replaced Chulpan Khamatova, who played the main role in the play, on Kristina.

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