Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a Director

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a Director

She was a model, studied in the United States on the Director, and then returned to conquer the Russian cinema. The first step is already made: Olga Zueva played in the sports drama “Coach.” And in anticipation of the second – her directorial debut “In the area” with Danila Kozlovsky in the title role – we invited Olga to try on the actual images in the style of rock-chic.

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a DirectorOlga Zueva jacket Balenciaga

Sexy and daring in the spirit of recent shows Anthony Vaccarello for YSL Olga Zueva composed stylists InStyle with one remark: “Not a biker, and the biker girl”. Willy-nilly at these words represent Danila Kozlovsky at Harley-Davidson, and behind him a fragile girl – but this is just fantasy. In fact, the 30-year-old model, actress, screenwriter and now film Director, although inferior in fame to her boyfriend, but to be on vocals at their finest Duo does not agree. Olga, not only played the main female role in the directorial debut of Kozlowski, the sports drama “Coach”, telling about the road to success in a provincial soccer team, “, his audience will see in September.

My appearance on the set welcomes Pear: seven-month-old puppy happily sticks his head under the palm of your hand and then carried on long, thin legs to her mistress. “We found her near the road in Georgia, call Georgia, a Pear, – a seemingly closed and distrustful Olga suddenly breaks into a radiant smile and gently ruffled the ears of a dog, letting it lick you in the cheeks and nose .– Danya and I’m going to Georgia to relax for a few hours before the New Year, picking up a road dog. It’s a miracle! “

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a DirectorOlga top, Saint Laurent jeans and Balenciaga

A miracle. As that Zueva has played the doctor-physiotherapist of the football team, Cook in the “Coach.” The Director was not confident in her candidacy, but Olga did not put pressure on the beloved, and proved that he was worthy of the role. “Of course, I wanted to be part of the first directing project, Daniel, but for this role I had to overcome, she says.” – I rewrote some of the details in the image of Vari, Dana liked it, but he thought I was too refined and elegant for the doctor-physiotherapist. “I understand that if the director is someone to impose, then we can not be love. “In the end, almost a week before the shoot, I announced that I Cook I play!”

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a Director

Passionate and stubborn mind – everything in this story gives Ola the winner, but by itself, the sport never attracted: Zueva competes in life only with you. For this reason, she completed a career in the history of 15 in Vladivostok. “At school I was teased a distrofan, Koschei, I never felt I was beautiful,” says Olga, “Modeling found me.” I once saw it on the street the announcement that will be casting in model girls have chosen only only five – I was one of them. “Three times I went to Tokyo, then went to University in Vladivostok, but it was quite interesting, and I decided to continue working as a model, went to Europe.”

However, after learning the fashion of the business from the inside and the real world, it was not enough for her, she moved to the new York and I found myself in the cinema – not in front of the camera and behind it. “Acting career is very similar to the model: you go to auditions, you choose primarily based on external data. long limbs and big eyes, “says Zueva, who has successfully mastered the craft of the screenwriter and Director in new York, The New School.

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a DirectorOlga dress and Saint Laurent ankle boots Versace

After ten years of living in New York she decided to move to Moscow and are now ready to present my first Director’s work – drama “the district.” The story of a difficult friendship between two boys in the performance of Danila Kozlovsky and Ilya Olga malanina was shot in native Vladivostok. Working together like this on set Zuev-Director and Kozlovsky-actor? “For my part, the criticism was not.” Dan is a very talented actor, very sensitive – meets Olga. “At the trial, he entered the shot and in one take, he turned up something incredibly strong.” And I felt intimidated him on the set of “Coach . “I do feel insecure as an actress, because in this case you’re always in someone’s hands.” But as a Director you are creating your reality, in which you can do anything, and it turns me on. “

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a DirectorOlga Liu Jo top, bra Intimissimi, Tibi pants and bracelets Tiffany&Co.

Ask Olga how she manages to maintain such optimism, despite the fact that women are still in the world. “I do not care who it belongs to women.” It will work if they believe in themselves and go for their goals, “says Zueva, who, apparently, is not just sitting at the helm, and vengeance presses on the gas.

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a Director

Olga the dog in the Pear that they Danila Kozlovsky picked up on the side of the road in Georgia

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