Maxim Galkin about Stanislav Govorukhin: “He was a real man”

Maxim Galkin about Stanislav Govorukhin: "He was a real man"

The TV host honored the memory of the director and actor, who died on Thursday morning after a long illness.

Outstanding director, actor, public and political figure Stanislav Govorukhin died after a long illness on Thursday morning, June 14. It is known that Stanislav Sergeyevich spent the last days of his life in the hospital where he underwent treatment. The memory of the director was honored by many celebrities, including Svetlana Bondarchuk, Daria Poverennova, Stas Sadalsky Alexander Oleshko, Iosif Prigogine and many others.

Maxim Galkin did not stay aside. On his page in Instagram, he said that Stanislav Sergeyevich was for him an intelligent man, talented and generous. According to Galkin, in the modern cinema it is unlikely he was like him.

"Stanislav Sergeevich Govorukhin was no more. The whole man was indivisible, the same for those and for these. Always said that he thinks actors and friends. One of the few who was near the authorities by conviction, and not from intravenous servility. He said: "It’s impossible to live like this", when it was fashionable to live this way. If I drank it beautifully, without getting drunk, joking witty with a stony face, was a real man. I made films for people and people. Do not betray yourself. I did not load any of my sores. I did not envy. He did not gossip. It was always interesting to communicate with him. And while a great director and actor. Do such people now or production abandoned since Soviet times? The deepest condolences from all friends to relatives and friends, "- honored Galkin’s memory of the director.

About the date and place of the funeral of Stanislav Sergeyevich, most likely, will be reported later. The director left his wife Galina Borisovna, son Sergei and three grandchildren (Stanislav, Vasily and Varvara).

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