Makeup help: how to make face thinner in 5 minutes

Forget the plastic surgeons and beauticians, you need to know just a few techniques in makeup.

Looking at Hollywood Actresses and models, it seems that they all look perfect and their faces are proportional and beautiful. But when they are post images without makeup, you begin to realize that most celebrities know how to make. One of the most common queries of the girls to the makeup artists is a makeup that will make the face thinner. Together with Margarita horoshok I, makeup artist Brow Up! & Make Up !, we have created for you and easy instructions on how to “lose weight” person.

Makeup help: how to make face thinner in 5 minutes

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To start the makeup that will make the right for the future. Then prepare a dark tone cream and light they will be useful to shading, which is built on the play. For correction it is the best to use liquid.

Areas that are dimmable

– Cheekbones. Most importantly, remember that the anatomically the deepest, and therefore, the dark dot does not start from the hair region, it should be under the zygomatic bone. To do correction reduced the volume, color corrector should be brown-gray, as the real shadow is just a gray undertone.

The periphery of the face. The same color as on the cheeks, pull on the periphery of the face and go a little on the side of the neck and chin.

The bridge of the nose. Adjusting the bridge of the nose on each side, it is important to start keeping the line straight from the eyebrow, do not be afraid, it will not make it longer. The length of the nose is adjustable.

Makeup help: how to make face thinner in 5 minutesPhoto: Getty Images

– The crease. Dimmable correction the eyelid and bring shadow to the temple, it visually make the face more slender, but will also pull the oval.


– Under the eyes, and the protruding part of the cheekbones. Brighten the area can be both dry and creamy product on the lighter tone used makeup.

The bridge of the nose. Wyswietlen the back of the nose and the glabellar space with the feather in the center of the forehead.

– A check mark above the upper lip and the area under the eyebrows.

Also do not forget about the highlighter, which will beautifully illuminate the skin. Also, if you use it, cheekbones, forehead and chin, it will switch the attention from the cheeks to the center of the face. That is what will make a person thinner.

A little trick

To solve this problem, the stylists always recommend to do a high ponytail. The fact that it elongates the face and makes it visually more narrow. The same effect is created and light curls – they will be framed and visually narrowing the cheekbones.

As for staining, it is ranked Shatush, because it involves a transition from dark roots to light ends. This visually draws a rounded face.

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