Lunar Bible will be sold at auction

How much are you willing to pay for the Bible that went to the moon?

The cost of a miniature Bible that went to the Moon in 1971 starts at $ 50,000. This is a microcarbon in the frame of gold and enamel, the lot also includes two certificates of authenticity signed by astronaut Edgar Mitchell and Reverend John Stout, NASA expert and director of the Prayer League, The Bible of King James on Earth’s satellite, reports LiveScience.

Lunar Bible will be sold at auction

The prayer league was created in 1968 by priests working with NASA to “pray for the safety of the mission and the astronauts.” It was designed to perpetuate the memory of astronaut Edward White, who wanted to send the Bible to the moon, but did not succeed in it. He died during the unsuccessful launch in 1967. The Bible is really miniature: it is recorded on a microfilm of 4 cm². It is worth noting that there are 100 copies of this publication that visited the Moon.

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