Legendary Shemyakin – 75: the top of the most famous works of the sculptor

May 4 marks the anniversary of Mikhail Shemyakin. Friend of Vladimir Vysotsky, a painter and sculptor was 75 years old.

– The artist often ahead of his time. A striking example of this is van Gogh. Of the thousands of brilliant works, in life, was sold only one. Of course, I often face misunderstanding and rejection of my search in art. I am not surprised and not upset. To be clear to everyone, then, to be anything.

The profession of an artist as any of the professions. When creativity does not make money, they have to earn in other ways. I worked for years as a laborer, in the afternoon rowed the snow, at night he painted. Today, to survive, to keep the house, pay the tuition of my undergraduate and graduate students in the Stieglitz Academy, I do the porcelain, and place ballets, writing plays for theater.

  • Legendary Shemyakin - 75: the top of the most famous works of the sculptor

    The artist should constantly evolve, not stand still.

For many years I photographed on the streets of Paris what is called garbage: fancy puddles, peeling plaster, cobwebs in abandoned buildings, cracks in the pavement, spread sheets … Then I print out these pictures on etching paper and easy to draw with pastels cranky I images.

Today’s popular so-called contemporary art, which often requires professionalism, concepts about harmony of color, composition. You can take a dirty sock, wrap them, Shoe, pour on top of ink, and if you are a large and fashionable gallery. million dollars.

Today, a new kind of art: video art, installation, performance, street art. Untrained person in all of this is confused. To understand many things and learn to distinguish good from bad, we must educate ourselves.

It all depends on the upbringing and General culture. In each of the child’s sense of harmony and aesthetics. And if we were properly educate the taste of children, they would be from the young age. I recently read an article called “the Aesthetic challenge of Japan”. In a regular school. Japanese subtleties of the lightest, subtlest hints of 240 colors! First grade children learn folk dialects, not to lose the richness of his language.

And we wonder why we are often ugly dress, buy gaudy toys of plastic. Look closely at people’s toys, sundresses, kokoshniki – pleasure, no wonder they are exhibited today in museums. Top taste was the Russian people. Today, we are swimming in a sugary taste.

  • Legendary Shemyakin - 75: the top of the most famous works of the sculptor

    Exhibition Craftsmen held across Russia

You need to learn to understand art. Including abstract. This is one of the most difficult types of art that requires instinct, knowledge of composition, color.

Anyone loves an abstract painting, and maybe not even know about it. Many go to nature to enjoy the color, but in reality – abstract painting: a blur of yellow, red, olive. Man lives in the world of color spots.

People sometimes ask me: “what is abstract sculpture, what does it mean?” Answer: “But you, too, like an abstract sculpture. It’s very simple. There are on the beach?” “Yes.” – “Collect the stones that you like?” – “I have a collection of stones, an interesting form is …” – “now, you hold a miniature abstract sculpture.

Sculptors who are engaged in abstract art, trying this stone.

How to understand what the artist want to say with their work? I do not like to talk about the message. Sometimes you can come up with something different.

People have curiosity, the desire to unravel the unknown. So popular installations. Old Shoe, cut the book, as if drenched with blood. And the viewer begins to think. Everyone has their own imagination, which awakens the art.

Collectors also different. Some know and love the art. Others follow the fashion, it opens the door to the closed “highbrow” community. The oligarchs want to be fashionable, to look smart and modern.

Today the artist is very difficult to live and work. And no matter how well you paint, do a color. They need to sell what is in demand.

  • Legendary Shemyakin - 75: the top of the most famous works of the sculptor

People sometimes ask me: how can I buy for $ 5 million bisected pig in formaldehyde? One half of the 5 million, and in the second the same, both 10 million – the most expensive pig in the world.

Are not people stupid enough to spend the money? No, they are not stupid. First, you need to earn the ten million, you can steal. Secondly, those who buy this poor cut of the pig, know that in two years, or five years at the auction it will be sold for $ 25 million.

No Bank gives such interest as the resale of art objects. So today is not “collecting” and “investing”.

Unfortunately, the current Russian art in the West rather scornfully.

At the prestigious Sotheby’s and Christie’s paintings of modern Russian artists will not meet often, and in comparison with the prices of contemporary Western artists, is quite modest prices. Chinese artists today are tens of millions of dollars. Since the Chinese government decided and managed to promote “their”.

In Russia, the need for the government is interested in this problem. Must be a special program in America, for example. A few years ago, I gave Vladimir Putin the book “the cultural Cold war”, about how Americans promoted their art on the international market. The government has invested a huge amount of money in, as they say today, the promotion of their artists and sculptors, and to create the image of American as a super-intellectual. Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, James Rosenquist, Tom Wesselmann, Roy Lichtenstein became the first American artist – pop artist. The whole world knows who Andy Warhol, it made billions.

And today, America dictates what is good and what is bad in art. I firmly believe in the enormous potential of Russian artists and is convinced that a breakthrough in the art of the future will be held in Russia.

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