Lazarev complained of problems with his voice

Sergei Lazarev spoke at the concert of the festival “Heat” in Baku. After entering the stage, the singer spoke frankly about the problem with his voice.

The artist appealed to the fans at Instagram, where he posted a fragment of his speech. According to Lazarev, the grandiose concert lasted more than five hours, and he was to perform the song “Surrender” towards the end of the event.

“Naturally, as always "alive". All is well, that’s just a voice, too, has the power to want to sleep, “- complained Sergei. He noted that in the end he coped with a difficult vocal part and asked readers if it was important for them to sing live, or they could sing to the artists on the stage as a phonogram, but nobody would notice.

“Do you distinguish a phonogram or live performance in a concert show? Is it worth it to be nervous and tear your throat? Or do you care? I’m serious now! “- Lazarev addressed the subscribers.

Admirers surprised the question of the artist. Commentators unanimously stated that the live sound is much better than singing “under the plywood”, but they comforted Lazarev, who was tired at the concert, saying that in extreme cases it is possible to sing and so.

“It can be seen that he is already tired”; “Of course! It’s audible and important to live! “; “Live performance, of course, it’s cool, only if there are any problems with the voice, it’s better to take care”; “Keep it up, Sergey. Very cool sounds live voice, “- write the fans.

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