Kardashian rests: Nastya Kamensky has shown seductive forms in a swimsuit

Kardashian rests: Nastya Kamensky has shown seductive forms in a swimsuitAnastasia Kamensky / photo: instagram.com

The singer, like many other stars, flew to Baku for the festival "Heat". Today Nastya Kamensky decided to tease fans and showed a photo in a leopard swimsuit.

Yesterday the festival “Heat” started in Baku. Almost all domestic performers found themselves in the hot capital of Azerbaijan. Nastya Kamenskih joined them. She no longer performs in a duet with Potap, so she came alone. The first thing the brunette decided to do on vacation is to swim in the pool. The singer decided to tease the fans and published a piquant photo.

In the frame, Nastya poses sitting on the edge of the pool in a leopard swimsuit. She shows a seductive figure. Since the singer was imprinted from the back, the fans could not pay attention to its attractive fifth point. They immediately agreed that Kamenskih could even give odds to Kim Kardashtian herself, who is famous for her magnificent figure. “This is a priest …”, “A copy of Kim Kardashian or even better”, “Nastya, this is what figure a woman should have”, “Every man dreams about a lady with such peaches,” commented the subscriber.

Note that Nastya is no longer free. Not so long ago, she noticed a ring on her finger, and the singer said that she was engagement. While she keeps the name of her chosen one in secret. For a long time there were rumors that the artist meets Potap and they allegedly even got married in Miami, but this information was not confirmed. Now Kamensky is engaged in solo work and prefers not to talk about his personal life.

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