Kandelaki shared a recipe for handling the day

Many celebrities have got real fitness guru, who, by personal example, proves that proper nutrition and exercise can work wonders not only with the figure, but also help to preserve youthfulness. It is to them is 42-year-old Tina Kandelaki. The owner of a perfect body, almost every day. After the long may holidays, the TV presenter has been published in his Instagram a picture without makeup, and under it has written the perfect recipe for handling the day.

Kandelaki shared a recipe for handling the day

“Offer a simple in writing, but like any diet, it is difficult to respect the recipe: throughout the day drink green tea with Apple and ginger and lemon water with honey and eat … ⠀

Right, nothing to eat, or what kind of offload? The result of the daily break. There is a sense of satisfaction from the fact that you are a strong-willed person. Well, and bonus – less toxins in the body, “wrote Tina in his microblog.

Kandelaki shared a recipe for handling the day

In fact, fasting days are very useful to arrange yourself after the festive feasts. However, if fasting is not for you, you can take advice from a nutritionist.

“Considering that after the holidays our bodies are salted and salty foods that contain hidden salt, which retains water for rapid excretion of excess fluid, the best suited rice fasting day. the included potassium, which is an antagonist of sodium., Removing potassium from the body, magnesium dehydrate fatty tissue., Rice stimulates the digestive organs, as it contains a large amount of ballast substances and low in calories, “advises Irina Popova, head of Advisory-diagnostic Department, dietician, Meyer-therapist, physician, physician reflexologist.

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