July 4 in the history of rock – William Goldsmith’s birthday

43 years old will be performed by an American drummer known to us in the Sunny bands Day Real Estate and Foo Fighters – William Goldsmith. Read interesting facts from his biography in a selection of Rockcult.

  • William was born in Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • Passion for music birthday boy felt as a child when the older brother introduced him to the work of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello, he Attractions and Talking Heads.
  • Little William was so fond of the drums and The Beatles that he wanted to become sure as John Lennon, but in the drumming game.
  • Goldsmith collected his first group in the fifth grade, called Screaming Hormones; in high school founded the duet “The 13” with John Atkins.
  • William is a big fan of post-hardcore. Favorite albums of the drummer in this musical direction are Repeater – Fugazi and debut album Nirvana – Bleach.
  • Sunny Group Day Real Estate, through which we know Goldsmith disintegrated and again met three times.
  • William released two albums with Foo Fighters and left the band because of disagreements with the band’s leader, the Grol.
  • Goldsmith prefers to play on the Ayotte drum set with Zildjian plates.
  • Before each concert, William spends a couple of minutes in silence to clear his thoughts and try not to think about anything during the performance.
  • William is a sweet tooth, according to the drummer himself, he can eat a ton of chocolate.
  • Music for Goldsmith is a means of uniting people.

July 4 in the history of rock - William Goldsmith's birthday

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