Julia Samoylova: “I still have matters.” Do not relax! “

Julia Samoylova: "I still have matters." Do not relax! "During the song, Julia Samoylova will sit on top of the mountain. Photo of organizers of competition

This Saturday Julia Samoylova second time I stepped on the Eurovision stage to rehearse your competition number. Many have noticed that our singer and held with more confidence and much improved her vocals – the constant rehearsals have not been in vain. We finally got to see the design, which sings our artist. Higher mountains can be only mountains, but also Julia. Apparently, the scenery is not too heavy, as it can not be fast enough to roll out on stage together with the Russian party. So, during the competition will not be spent extra nerves and strength to the preparation room, there is just a couple of tens of seconds.

Rehearsal room Julia Samoilova.The representative of Russia for the second time stepped on the stage of the Eurovision song contest, to rehearse your competition room

After the rehearsal, the artist gave a press conference. To our surprise, no sharp and unpleasant questions. But Julia herself gave cause for reflection, saying that she was too relaxed and not very happy with my performance. “I have for my questions.” I need to relax after the “Eurovision.” But very excited to finally come here. “

Julia about her husband, Alexey Taran, who is supported by her, sitting in the front row. Asked how they met, and decided to get married. Julia with a Flirty smile replied: “And we got married not too.” And then I “saw”. And then we got married not too “impressive.” At the time we were together for more than 10 years, and decided – why not to sign, since we lived so many years together.

After the press conference we were given five minutes to talk with the artist, which this year represents our country at the contest “Eurovision”.

– Many people with disabilities turn to themselves. And you, from a small Russian town, with really severe disease, began to make a musical career in Moscow, to break, and then to the major European competition. What gave force, helped to go forward? Maybe something in his childhood was prompted by the fact that it is worth doing?

– Since childhood I liked to be the center of attention. Mother, for example, depart from me to the store for a few minutes. Come back, I’m sitting in the center of that share. All touching me, hugging … And my mother told me – “You’re like, grandpa Lenin”. I really feared nothing, loved poems to read, to sing. I had some difficulties in the beginning, I asked my mom – why I am? She says “Well you’re sick, what to do now.” You’re my beautiful, funny … “. I then the odds given to many. What gave me strength? Well, first, the faith of the parents. Their desire, especially the desire of a mother that I sang, and in any case was not worse than others.

Julia Samoylova: "I still have matters." Do not relax! "Photo of organizers of competition "Eurovision"

– By the way, is there any negative attitude towards You, as a representative of Russia? Do you communicate with the other contestants?

– Honestly, I do not communicate. Because you do not have time to rehearse and go immediately. Can not hang like I thought. And so – everything is great! Our team has a positive attitude.

– This year in Lisbon on May 6, will March “Immortal regiment” dedicated to our veterans past World war II. Will you take part in it?

– Of course, we accept, is a very important event. Can not say I know much about the history of his family, grandmothers – grandfathers who fought, but that the matter concerns the memory of the whole country. I know a lot of military songs, and they are really like me – “Cranes”, “the Nightingale”, “the Dark night”, “Katyusha”, of course.


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