Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breast


Breast cancer has become quite common disease. Today, the disease affects women from 13 to 90 years. A large percentage of cases, when in the struggle with cancer. Fortunately, most women are able during surgery to preserve the breast, but so lucky not for everyone. Among the celebrities many of those who survived cancer. However, the victory went to high price.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastAngelina Jolie

One of the most beautiful Hollywood Actresses, five years ago, was decided on surgery to remove the breast cancer. The need has arisen unexpectedly. The doctors said that the likelihood of tumor formation and Angelina Jolie is 87 percent. Relatives tried to persuade Mrs. Smith was not to hurry, but she was too worried about the future of her children.

Later in an interview, Jolie told that she decided to set an example to all women who find themselves in this difficult situation. Do not be afraid, because after surgery, the risk of cancer is reduced to five percent.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breast

    Jane Fonda

80-year-old actress and model was battling cancer a few times: this year it became known that she had a diseased lip, and eight years ago found a lump breast.

The Fund implicitly talked about his illness in a television broadcast and said without hesitation.

The operation helped the star overcome the disease. Jane said that her experience was a good experience.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breast

    Kylie Minogue

The singer was told the public about the terrible disease, she barely found out about it. And not for PR. Faced with a terrible disease.

Breast cancer was discovered the actress in may 2003. Immediately after diagnosis, the tumor was removed. The operation was followed by a long period of treatment, including chemotherapy.

In public, the Jane Foundation appeared two years later. Since then, one of her favorite topics of the conversation is health. The actress never forgets to mention how important it is to visit a mammologist.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastCynthia Nixon

The star of the show “Sex and the city” never told anyone about his illness. To break the silence, she was solved once successfully.

The cancer was discovered at Cynthia Nixon in 2006, during a routine examination. Fortunately, onocology was discovered early in stradey, so the treatment gave a positive result.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastShannen Doherty

The star of the “Charmed” Shannen Doherty spoke about his illness in August 2015, when there was a scandal with her insurance company that had a diagnosis, that the metastasis was already in the lymph nodes.

The actress first made a unilateral mastectomy, then underwent a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy (because of this she lost her hair and wore a scarf). After the surgery, the actress could not adjust to her breast. After some time she decided to get implants.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastChristina Applegate

The actress in 2008 was diagnosed with unilateral breast cancer, however, that the probability of return of the diagnosis was minimized, Christine decided to remove two mammary glands.

Applegate in an interview said that he was not ready to repeat the treatment again, so I decided to end this once and for all. To always remember what her Breasts were before the surgery, the blonde star photographed her from all angles.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastSharon Osbourne

After Sharon Osbourne beat cancer in the colon, the doctors put her disappointing diagnosis of a new cancer. Knowing that she has the gene for breast cancer, Sharon decided to act: went into surgery and had a double mastectomy. In an interview with the wife of Ozzy Osbourne, that she was not homesick and happy to be alive.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastKathy Bates

From the Oscar-winning actress, cancer, found twice in life. In 2003 he was diagnosed with cancer of the ovaries, and in 2013 she underwent a double mastectomy after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Today the actress speaks openly about his illness and always said that he was happy.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastNancy Reagan

US first lady Nancy Reagan (1981 to 1989) was one of the first women who decided to remove the mammary glands, to get rid of cancer. By her actions she has set an example for millions of women.

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