JJ Abrams is preparing a secret superhero project

JJ Abrams is preparing a secret superhero project

In the photo: JJ Abrams

It would seem that there is no shortage of superhero movies on the market. But JJ Abrams thinks differently and is going to reformat the genre.

The creator of “Star Trek” and “Awakening Force” undertakes to produce a superhero film called “The Heavy“(” Heavy “). And in the directors Abrams calls Julius Avery, with whom he is currently working on the Overlord project, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The script was written by Daniel Casey. The plot, of course, is kept secret, and production is carried out in an atmosphere of the utmost secrecy, as always with the projects of JJ Abrams. All that is known is “The Heavy“Should become a new word in the superhero genre and, as they say, break the templates.

Julius Avery, who claimed to be a film “The Son of Arms” (Young Blood), is now finishing work on Overlord for Abrams Bad Robot, which takes place during the Second World War.

As for “The Heavy“, Its distribution was also taken over by the studio Paramount. The release is scheduled for October 25 this year.

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