“It would be funny if we were walking through a serious look on suburban trains”: Steven Seagal

"It would be funny if we were walking through a serious look on suburban trains": Steven Seagal

We met with Steven on the 89th floor of one of the towers of Moscow-city

Today in Moscow for the first time the “Heat of Fight” – a series of spectacular competitions in several types of martial arts. The eponymous promotional company led by the world famous actor, film producer, musician and award-winning fighter Aikido 66-year-old Steven Seagal. In the ring will compete athletes in the middle, heavy and super heavyweight, and will support their performances of Russian artists. This story looks very impressive, not least due to the presence of Seagal in the manual. We met with Steven on the 89th floor of one of the towers of Moscow-city, where he watched his new homeland from the height of a bird’s flight.

– Why are you interested in this story, “Heat Fight”?

– I have long wanted to try myself as a sports promoter. In Russia, finally, my dream came true. We will present to all fans of professional fights first unprecedented show with participation of world stars of kickboxing, which will compete with the most spectacular world formats. We are in the very beginning, but sure it’ll be fine.

– You in America had the police logo and has been offered to train special forces. You told me that they were not only shooting, but also martial arts. Do not want to do something similar with our police?

– Yes, it turns out that I’m actually an American police: I have icons from several States. I was asked to train military, police in countries around the world, I’m willing to give master classes in Aikido. From the Russian police, such proposals have also arrived, just today I was given a uniform cap. Now I’m going to spend more time in Moscow in connection with the “Heat of Fight” – I will train and instruct athletes, giving master-classes. Happy to share knowledge with colleagues from the Russian police.

"It would be funny if we were walking through a serious look on suburban trains": Steven SeagalThe renowned actor

– Now you can do it legally, as a citizen of our country. Was it difficult to become a Russian citizen, how many it was necessary to collect documents?

– No, easy, I applied and expressed my desire to be your compatriot, as much as I love Russia, I have Russian roots. It really was important to me. I explained my position and proved that it will be really helpful for our countries. The government, including our President personally went to meet me, and helped in receiving citizenship.

– You probably started receiving. What role was offered?

– Frankly, while anything that would have me hooked – it was not. Mafia, dangerous guys, the drug lords … These were suggestions. I really want to play in the Russian film, and even more want to be a Director. Here then, perhaps, there is a suitable role for me. Nikita Mikhalkov we are considering joint film projects, he is ready to act as producer. There is a lot of work, but the plans are there. I think that we will implement our idea and organized the Russian-American company.

– While you are in the middle of the train, you can find out more about how to do it. ).

– Great idea … But I think that would be a lot of funnier if we go with a very serious look at the suburban train together with Dmitry nagievym.

"It would be funny if we were walking through a serious look on suburban trains": Steven SeagalSeagal is in good shape

– I read your interview and was amazed by how well you know Russian history, the Crimean question.

– First, my father is Russian, his family is from Vladivostok. My father, grandmother, grandfather taught me the history of Russia. And about Crimea – I know that this story began in the 50th years. Those guys never had the rights to give it away. Never.

– Sports promoting company you have already opened. What else do you want to create in our country?

– Oh, the Grand plans. My friend Emin Agalarov we plan to develop music projects, we already have a joint track. Is in her dreams and open a restaurant, I already had interesting offers. I like that is harmoniously mixed and coexist different cuisines. I like the Eastern flavor of Russian cuisine, I would have opened restaurants where they were served by the selection of Georgian, Uzbek cuisines.

– When you leave our country, what do you miss most?

– In America there is no Russian food, no great Russian people.

– You have a good understanding of people. At what point did you realize that Emin is the man who can be relied upon.

– I call him my brother. Sometimes between people there is a connection. If you meet at the right time, it may well appear. We wanted to work together, and finally, the time has come. Besides, I will perform at the festival “Heat” in Baku this July, as a musician (actor, known as a singer, he recorded two albums already – Ed.)

By the WAY

After the interview with a source, close to the organization of the evening, it became known that Steven Seagal (perhaps jokingly) was offered his candidacy as a contender was eliminated because of an injury to the eye of Sergei Kharitonov. The same source reported that Seagal is in excellent physical shape. Unfortunately, the actor was unavailable and we were unable to find out.


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