Irina Saltykova said 52-year-uploading a picture in a bikini

Irina Saltykova said 52-year-uploading a picture in a bikini

Irina Saltykova celebrates 52nd birthday. Photo: Instagram.

The star of the 90s Irina Saltykova has a tradition: every year to celebrate a birthday in the warm sea. And it is imperative to lay out in Instagram your photo in bikini. This year was no exception: on may 5 Irina met in Monte Carlo. The actress has published in her blog a picture in which she in a white swimsuit sunbathing by the pool. Fans congratulate Saltykov happy birthday and I do not believe that the artist celebrates his 52nd birthday – the photo looks looks like a high of 40 something.

In Monaco Irina went with my daughter Alice – it was she who became the author of the picture.

– Daughter caught by surprise – Flirty singer signed photo in a bikini.

Irina Saltykova said 52-year-uploading a picture in a bikiniDaughter caught by surprise ……)))!

However, mom daughter “revenge” singer took and posted on the Instagram vidorolikov showing how 30-year-old Alice jumps into the pool. Subscribers stars noted that Irina looks at her age: “the case when the mother looks better than daughter” – some believe.

Alice walked in the footsteps of their parents, and also became a singer. Daughter Saltykova studied in London and stayed there to make a career.

– It is very steep: received vocal and acting training, signed a contract with the producer and recorded the album. Wants to conquer the Western world, – with pride tells about Saltykov daughter.

The singer admits that Alice is the main drive behind all her successes, because after the divorce with singer Victor Saltykov, Irina is left alone with her baby, and she just had to achieve the most. In addition, the singer had a face with cancer – in 30 years, the artist became ill with cancer.

– I do not like to say it. To be honest, I did not even think that if I’m gone … And all and end. I’m not worried. I was worried about my parents. About Alice that will be without me. I had confidence that probably will cure, “- said Saltykov in the program Boris Korchevnikov” the Destiny of man “.

Fortunately, it went away and never returned. Now the main dream of the singer – grandchildren. But her daughter Alice in no hurry to marry: as recognized by the girl. Irina thought that she did not need to publicly tell a lot of things about his marriage with Viktor.

– Our children deserve to have at least some fabulous. And the worst thing is. Now I can tell Alice, but it was before the eyes of our relations.

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