Irina Pegova happy to star in a new project

Irina Pegova happy to star in a new projectJulia Savicheva encouraged to spend more time on the street

Irina Pegova happy to star in a new project

Irina Pegova has published its new photo in your blog. The actress is so thin. “Ira, do not need to lose weight!”, “Have you lost your individuality!”, “Irina is not lost, and postrhinal are two different things!” – entered into a dispute of the stars. But all agree: Pegova – impossible beauty!

The actress has never worried about his figure. Neither in childhood, when she was so thin that she was teased, herring, or in her age. To lose weight, actress started only. When you play in the theater or cinema, is not permissible to blossom.

Over the years, restrictions Pegova have found the only appropriate standard of conduct.

“Having tried everything, in the end, I came up with a convenient, comfortable for me personally and I emphasize for me the principles of nutrition,” said the actress in an interview to “7 Days.” – First, the amount eaten I would like to emphasize the small size of the fist., I always lay out the food on very large plates. , catch the moment was sated., Ideally, lunch should take an hour. And the third, very important role is played by the water, masking false hunger., Hungry? Drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes – it is possible when the stomach is filled with liquid, was awakened, appetite will fall asleep again., From the way, the food is also recommended to drink. something sweet like candy or cake. In addition, they dehydrate the body. So I try to only drink water up to four liters per day. Before Breakfast I drink about a liter “.

Irina Pegova happy to star in a new projectIrina Pegova

Irina Pegova happy to star in a new projectIrina Pegova

Sometimes actors fall in love with its characters. In a similar condition appeared after the completion of the filming of the continuation of the Comedy “Superbboy” Irina Pegova.

Rita Bobrov – like all members of her family, with superpowers. The heroine Pegawai can fly. Irina during filming also had to learn how to do it – however, with the help of clever devices and computer effects.

“What about her? She is stunned … the news … Rita Bobrov lived-lived and suddenly she said” STOP! CUT! “And her life, depending on the director, costumers, makeup artists, cameramen, scriptwriter, stuntmen, artist, swakara, the barmaid, partners (my sick relatives), seem suddenly died, all these beloved people stopped her to breathe ! But really it only seems that her life was cut short. Then ritka fall into the hands of the editor under the guidance of the director and will live again, but according to their rules. with her image and sound, and only after that she’ll get real wings and fly in the people to praise or jeans of the audience! was intended by its author, or Director, or especially me. And some tenth! ” emotionally expressed as Irina Pegova.

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