Invented a substance for the glancing of broken bones

Invented a substance for the glancing of broken bones

Fracture – for a long time, everyone knows that. And will not do anything. Sometimes, up to three months. The invention of the Swedish scientists can change the course of fracture treatment – they developed a glue, which you can use to literally glue the damaged limb.

The main thing is to connect the bones, and then put a few layers of glue that will keep the bones together. The whole process will take 10-20 minutes. It is important that.

In fact, the glue being used in medicine for a long time, for example, in dentistry. Broken teeth, chips – all this can be fixed using special adhesive compounds. But use them in orthopedics did not work, had problems with the rejection of the human immune system. A substance created by Swedish scientists, 55% increased the efficiency of all the previously known tools.

This is confirmed by the experiments conducted on rodents. In the near future. So maybe in the near future, the future of the fracture will take no more time than going to the dentist.

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